Joey Votto Returns To Lead Reds to 9th Straight Win

Skipping the First 72 Games Didn’t Faze Votto

After a long-awaited return following shoulder surgery, Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds‘ first baseman, made a powerful entrance to his MLB 2023 season debut on Monday against the Colorado Rockies. He thrilled the crowd at the Great American Ball Park.

The Reds’ victory over the Rockies, finishing at a 5-4 score, shot up their winning streak to nine games, setting them as one of the top contenders in the MLB league. Votto, who had missed the initial 72 games due to his injury, wasn’t fazed by it and put in a phenomenal performance by scoring 2 out of 3 with three RBIs, a run scored, and a walk.

Homer in His Second At-Bat

Votto’s return marked a momentous occasion for the Reds, as they not only killed it with their winning streak but also celebrated the return of a beloved baseball player. Votto hit a home run in his second at-bat, providing fans with a great spectacle and then securing the Reds’ lead with a two-run single in a later stage.

Despite last season’s career-low stats, Votto, now 39, showed a striking return to form. He contributed significantly to the Reds’ victory and reassured his fans and MLB team of his commitment and competitive spirit.

In a statement before Monday’s game, Votto shared his hunger for competition, saying, “I’m here to compete for a job. That’s my mentality. That’s my attitude.


Potential Contenders for the NL Central Title

Votto’s stalwart comeback and the Reds’ revamped performance this baseball season are almost a sign that they might be genuine contenders for the NL Central title. Votto’s presence might just be the extra boost they need to secure their spot in a potentially historic run.

As of now, the Cincinnati Reds have claimed the spotlight largely owing to the striking nine-game winning streak that has shot their MLB standing to 38-35 this season. This formidable comeback, coupled with the Milwaukee Brewers‘ defeat against the Arizona Diamondbacks, has catapulted the Reds to lead by a half-game in the NL Central division.

This remarkable milestone marks the first time the Reds have enjoyed sole possession of the top spot at this stage of the mlb calendar. The winning streak reached a crescendo on Monday night by emerging victorious in a nail-biting 5-4 match against the Colorado Rockies at the Great American Ball Park, and much of this triumphant stride they owe to Joey Votto, whose return from a 72-game MLB injured list absence was marked by a home run in the fifth inning and a decisive two-run single in the sixth.

The crowd’s chanting of “Joey, Joey, Joey!” wildly in unison celebrated their star’s triumphant return following a strenuous rehab after surgery on his left rotator cuff and biceps last August.

Team’s Successful Surge in Just 15 Days

The Reds’ successful surge is made more significant by the fact that just 15 days prior, they were positioned fourth, six MLB matchups behind the leading position. The Reds’ ongoing journey in this season is a testament to the team’s tenacity and the important role of each player, with veterans like Votto providing leadership and inspiration, and young talents like Jonathan India and Alexis Díaz exhibiting their potential on the field.

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