MLB Home Run Prop Betting: Sluggers Take Center Stage

Bettors Love Home Runs, No Shortage of Betting Options

MLB home run prop betting is big business. After all, there’s few things more exciting in baseball than a round-tripper. The sportsbook gives bettors several different ways of betting on home runs. There are the game-to-game home run betting options, as well as the season-long home run race winner.

Betting on home runs is a way for bettors to have action on the big names in the game. The sluggers are always more popular than the singles hitters. The sportsbook knows this and makes an effort to offer a variety of betting options.

Daily MLB Home Run Prop Betting

The daily MLB home run prop betting options will vary from game to game. The sportsbook chooses between six and 10 players most likely to hit a home run and offers odds on each. The MLB odds on each player are going to be plus money, usually +200 and higher.

The odds can fluctuate depending on weather and the opposing starting pitcher. Where the game is played is another factor that plays into the odds. Some stadiums are more ‘hitter-friendly’ than others.

The odds will be slightly lower for a player on the road due to always batting in the ninth inning. A player on the home team could lose an at-bat if the game is decided after the top of the ninth.

For these wagers, bettors need to examine the stats of the starting pitchers. Some are more prone to giving up home runs than others. How the batter fares at home and away are another important factor. Many hitters will have better numbers at home.

The weather is obviously an important factor, as is the home plate umpire. If the pitcher has a smaller strike zone, that’s more conducive for the hitter. There are a number of factors that go into the odds and into the daily prop bets. The more time a bettor has to study these factors, the more likely they are to find value.

Season Home Run Leaders

Those looking for action on home runs but not wanting to go through the daily grind will find the MLB home run prop betting season leader wager more to their liking. Here, the sportsbook posts odds on the candidates to lead MLB in home runs at the end of the season.

As the season progresses, the odds will change based on the MLB results each day. It’s no surprise that Pete Alonso is the favorite to win the 2023 home run title. He’s leading the league in home runs. With these wagers, bettors don’t have to focus on the day-to-day factors. Just pick their favorite slugger and wager on him.

The current home run leader odds on the favorites are…

Pete Alonso +300
Aaron Judge +350
Max Muncy +1200
Matt Olson +1200
Mike Trout +1600

The remaining players are +2000 and higher. Based on the odds, the sportsbook is expecting a two-way battle between Alonso and Judge. But home runs aren’t exclusive to New York. Muncy and Olson aren’t far behind and Trout has the ability. You just have to hope he can stay healthy, which has been a problem for him in the past.

No matter how you like to bet on home runs, the sportsbook has you covered. Those with the time, will want to focus on the day-to-day home run offerings. With plenty of research, along with a bit of patience, you can find decent value plays at times. Others will be content to make their season-long home run leader wagers and have fun each day checking the MLB results.
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