Bulls Set to Shut Down the Heat

The top two teams in the Eastern Conference are set to meet up on Monday night in what should be a terrific game between Bulls vs Heat. The Miami Heat host the Chicago Bulls, and it will be the visitors that are celebrating by the end of the evening.

Chicago was not supposed to be a title contender this season, but DeMar DeRozan simply won’t let this team down. Even when the Bulls seem to be struggling a bit, DeRozan takes over the fourth quarter and leads this team to a win.

The Bulls just added Tristan Thompson to the mix as well, giving this team another solid veteran. Miami presents a tough challenge for Chicago, but the Bulls have been just fine against some of the other top teams. 

The fact that the Heat will be playing this Bulls vs Heat game at home is one of the only reasons that they might be able to pull off a win. Miami is going to be a tough team to deal with in the postseason, but they can’t match the intensity that the Bulls will play with.

The Chicago Bulls have been putting up points like crazy this season, and it helps that they have two superstars leading the way. Zach LaVine has been a one-man show in recent seasons, but now it is DeMar DeRozan that is leading the way.

DeRozan just continues to dominate in the fourth quarter, and he keeps re-writing the record books as well. When it’s winning time for the Bulls, DeRozan turns into Superman and proves to be an unstoppable force. 

Ayo Dosunmu is going to play a key role in this Bulls vs Heat game as well since he has emerged as a dominant defender for the Bulls. Injuries have killed the Bulls all season long, but this team just continues to find ways to win.

Jimmy Butler is the main man for the Miami Heat, and he is also a former superstar of the Chicago Bulls. That will give Butler some additional motivation for this game, but it’s not like he ever needs an excuse to play hard.

Tyler Herro leads the Heat with 20.0 points per game, and he is a lethal shooter when he is left open. Chicago will do all they can to keep Herro from finding holes in the defense, and that could make it hard for the Heat to score.

The biggest reason that the Heat are near the top of the Eastern Conference is the fact that this team can be nasty and play with an attitude. Miami has a certain swagger that they play with, but they will need more than an attitude to beat the Bulls.

Despite the fact that both of these teams are leading the Eastern Conference, each has to feel a bit slighted at this time. There are three other teams in the East that usually get more attention, but the Bulls and Heat are terrific as well. 

Home court advantage can be critical during the NBA Playoffs, and that’s why this game will matter so much for the Bulls and Heat. Getting the top seed in the East doesn’t guarantee that either team is going to win the conference, but it can certainly help out. 

This should be a terrific matchup on Monday night, but the home team just isn’t going to be able to get it done. The Bulls are clicking on all cylinders heading into this matchup, and they are going to make a statement by winning down in South Beach.

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