NBA Playoffs: Mavericks vs Warriors Betting Odds Favor Curry and Co

The Western Conference Finals are Set

The Mavericks vs Warriors betting odds have been released for the series and it’s no surprise to see the Golden State Warriors favored to win.

They have the benefit of playing at home and the likes of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green is tough to beat, however, Luka Doncic has been a man possessed and he could give the Dallas Mavericks all they need to win.

Warriors Showing Toughness

Expectations weren’t sky high for the Golden State Warriors to start the season but winning is what they do best.

It hasn’t been anything extraordinary from the likes of Curry, Thompson, and Green, but there is no better team dynamic than the Warriors.

After finishing third in the NBA Western Conference standings, the Warriors strutted their stuff when dispatching the Memphis Grizzlies in what was a tough and closely-fought series.

They are battle-hardened, which is why the sportsbook has the Mavericks vs Warriors betting odds in favor of the home side.

The Warriors are -225 to win the series against the Dallas Mavericks, which isn’t a shock. They are always well-favored to win and they have a wealth of experience with playoff basketball, which can’t be said for the Mavericks.

Green believes it will be a tough matchup and turnovers could be key.

“That’s a really good team,” Green said of the Mavericks during his podcast, “The Draymond Green Show,” on Monday. “It’s going to be a tough matchup for us. I think one thing we know we have to do is get our turnovers down. Those guys will feed off of turnovers.

“That’ll be a big deal for us because that allows us not only to get good looks and more looks at the rim, but it allows us to set our defense. Anytime you’re playing against a set defense, it’s just much harder than when you’re playing in transition.”

NBA Finals odds 2022 have the Warriors making it to the big dance and it’s tough to disagree.

Mavericks Riding Wave of Momentum

The Dallas Mavericks weren’t expected to beat the Phoenix Suns, who had been one of the best teams in the NBA.

The Mavericks have a ton of heart, and they are riding a serious wave of momentum, which can’t be overlooked in Mavericks vs Warriors betting odds.

They might be +185 to win the best-of-seven series but bettors are getting a good price and they will attract plenty of attention at those odds.

Luka Doncic has been incredible during the playoffs, and although he needs help from the supporting cast, he could ascend to god-tier status in this series.

The Slovenian will likely be guarded by Andrew Wiggins, who knows how hard his task is.

“It’s gonna be a tough matchup, for sure,” Wiggins said when asked about guarding Doncic. “You’ve seen what he’s been doing these whole playoffs. It’s gonna be a team effort. All of us, the whole team are going to have to do it collectively.”

It’s not all about Doncic but he’s the main protagonist in the Mavericks’ story. They are the cinderella story of the playoffs and we think that translates to support in betting markets.

We expect to see late betting support for the underdogs, who will need to beat the Warriors on the road at some point. They went 23-18 on the road during the regular season, so winning Game One and setting the early tone is possible.

Should they steal the opening game, bettors can expect the Mavericks’ series odds to drop significantly and they could firm into slight favoritism. Should they lose the opening game, the +185 could drift to around +240.

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