The Ben Simmons Drama: Where Next for Troubled Star?

Ben Simmons Future Odds

Ben Simmons is one of the most troubled NBA players, and there are betting markets set around his future.

We look at the best Ben Simmons future odds, including if he plays the first game for the Nets next season and how many games he’ll play.

The Australian always creates headlines, so we may as well profit from him.

Will Simmons Retire Before the 2024/25 Season?

There have been talks of Simmons retiring before playing a game next season, but we expect him to continue on.

No pays -1000, so the odds are short, but we think it’s a safe parlay inclusion.

No one really knows the reason why Simmons hasn’t played. He had a back injury a couple of years ago before reportedly suffering a hand injury playing video games.

It’s no excuse for his absence, and spare a thought for the Brooklyn Nets. They’re still paying the drama queen, who seemingly loves the attention.

Because he’s not playing basketball, he recently attended the Met Gala wearing a clock. He opened himself up to some hilarious memes regarding his time in the NBA, which was well deserved.

However, with all that being said, retirement seems too easy. We expect him to finally get back to full health and see court time.

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Repaying the Faith?

If Simmons has an ounce of credibility, he should want to stick with the Nets and play their season opener.

Ben Simmons season stats are a thing of the past. He doesn’t have any stats unless you accrue statistics sitting on the bench.

Jokes aside, there is good value in Ben Simmons future odds for him to play the first game of the season.

It doesn’t have to be with the Nets, so the +160 for “Yes” seems too good to be true. He has a full offseason to prepare for the Nets, or with another team, and he should want to make an immediate impact.

If the 2024/25 season is anything like this season, he may as well slip into the oblivion of wasted talent. It would be a shame, and although his jump shot is terrible, he still adds value to an NBA team.

He was once compared to LeBron James – if you can believe that – so the talent is there. It’s all about attitude for Simmons, and unfortunately for his team owners, he has a terrible attitude.

Take the +160 for Simmons to play Game 1 of the upcoming season. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

How Many Games Will He Play?

It’s quite comical to see the line at 45.5. The sportsbook doesn’t have high hopes of Simmons playing much, and we agree.

The Brooklyn Nets standings could suffer because they are preparing for Simmons to commit to a full year, but if history is anything to go by, he’ll find a reason to sit his bum on the sidelines.

He reminds us of golfer Anthony Kim, who stopped playing professional golf because he was cashing in an insurance claim. Simmons is effectively doing the same thing in getting paid to not play.

What a life! And unfortunately, he’s likely to pull another stunt for the 2024/25 year. Therefore, include under 45.5 games in your Ben Simmons future odds parlays.

Will Simmons Play For the Nets?

Will Ben Simmons be on the Nets roster for the opening game? There have been trade talks, especially with Chicago, but we think he stays with the Nets.

They have invested too much time and money in him, and we don’t think any other team wants him.

“Yes” pays -500, so it has been heavily backed with NBA player props. This is his last chance to impress the team owners, otherwise, he could get cut quickly.

After selling his LA mansion for a massive loss, Simmons seems committed to staying in Brooklyn, which adds confidence to this pick.

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