2022 NFL Power Rankings: A Begrudgingly Objective Look

Don't Get Mad, These are YOUR Rankings

By now we’ve seen an oversaturation of 2022 NFL Power Rankings floating around the Internet. Here is one that is based on what the betting market is predicting. We compiled the latest regular-season win totals from the sportsbook to determine these 2022 NFL Power Rankings. The tiebreakers are based on the juice on the “over” and “under” as moved by market money.

32. Houston Texans

Last and still the least, the Texans‘ biggest improvement is trading away maligned quarterback Deshaun Watson. They got a good haul from it too. Cleveland, he’s your problem now.

31. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons finished with the 29th-ranked defense in 2022 and lost their quarterback and top receiver in the offseason. Marcus Mariota reunites with old coach Arthur Smith at least, but this team is tanking this season.

30. Carolina Panthers

Sam Darnold may be the only one who believes he can still be a great quarterback. Carolina still has a promising defense but as long as Darnold’s calling the shots, this team isn’t going anywhere.

29. Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll is turning 71 and the Seahawks are in the midst of a rebuild now without Russell Wilson. NFL betting trends have this team as an appreciating asset though, given how their win totals are at a measly 5½.

28. New York Jets

The Jets could be the most improved team in the NFL this season. A few weeks from now, “Gang Green” could be in the middle of the 2022 NFL Power Rankings. It all depends on how improved quarterback Zach Wilson is.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

See “28. Jets, New York” but replace Zach Wilson with Trevor Lawrence.

26. Detroit Lions

With a whopping 6½ wins set by the oddsmakers, Detroit could double their win totals from last season. Dan Campbell is growing into a folk hero and the Lions had the fourth-best record against the spread (ATS) last year.

25. Chicago Bears

Justin Fields is looking over to the Jets and Jaguars, filled with envy, as his team has seemingly gone the other way: Stripped itself bare. Chicago may join Atlanta in the “tank wars” unless Fields can prove otherwise.

24. New York Giants

Like their AFC counterparts, the Giants had an awesome draft thus restoring some hope among its fanbase. This is the make-or-break year for Daniel Jones — no, it really is this time — who could either get benched or turn into a Pro-Bowler.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers

The public is split on the Steelers with money coming in on both sides. It’s hard to bet against Mike Tomlin but Kenny Pickett and Mitchell Trubisky as your quarterback options so…

22. Washington Commanders

Is the third time the charm? Washington is banking on finally moving the needle with Carson Wentz now as their signal-caller. With the easiest schedule in 2022, the answer better be an emphatic “Yes!” or pink slips will be handed.

21. New Orleans Saints

New Orleans has taken some considerable support on the betting lines. That defense must be legendary as the team has a tough schedule and is led by Jameis Winston, who has yet to guide a team to the playoffs as a starter.

20. New England Patriots

The Patriots returned to the postseason only to get a historic beatdown courtesy of Buffalo. Some say their regular-season success came from exploiting weak teams. Their 2022 strength of schedule is right in the middle so we’ll see who the “true” Pats are.

19. Cleveland Browns

It was tough placing the Browns as their regular-season win totals are shrouded in mystery. If Watson plays a full season, we can push them up a few spots. If he doesn’t, this team could be where Pittsburgh is.

18. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders overachieved last season. We’re not trying to be downers here but this franchise rarely ever does that, so some regression could be expected. But bettors did bet them to still make the playoffs per the NFL odds.

17. Tennessee Titans

How long before everyone compares the Ryan Tannehill-Malik Willis situation to the Jimmy Garoppolo-Trey Lance saga? Whatever the case, Tennessee should once again be in the mix with Derrick Henry returning.

16. Miami Dolphins

How much of Miami’s late-season success last year was a result of Brian Flores coaching his butt off? He left a trail of smoke in his departure and the Dolphins must now win amidst all that controversy.

15. Minnesota Vikings

The bookies opened Minnesota as a winning team but the public quickly bet them down. Consecutive seasons of underachieving tend to do that to the fanbase. But a new regime could be just what turns this team around.

14. Arizona Cardinals

Speaking of teams being faded, the Cardinals are expected to regress in a big way this year. This team faded like a pair of cheap denim jeans last season, while its quarterback beefed with management. The second-hardest schedule certainly won’t help.

13. Philadelphia Eagles

Congratulations to the Eagles backers. This team’s regular-season win totals went up a whole number and they are now expected to make the playoffs (again). The third-easiest schedule will help a lot along with the arrival of star receiver A.J. Brown.

12. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are not getting too much action on the sportsbook, signifying the public either can’t decide on them and/or the lines are a tad too accurate. A healthier season than 2021 could mean a return to form for Lamar Jackson’s squad.

11. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts placed the blame of that last game entirely on Carson Wentz and dropped him like a bad habit. In comes Matt Ryan who may just have enough in the tank to lead this team back to the playoffs.

10. Cincinnati Bengals

To no surprise, the public is supporting the Bengals as their regular-season win totals and odds to make the playoffs have shortened. As long as Joe Burrow is healthy, it’s tough to fade this team.

9. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco should still be in the mix with one of the deepest rosters in the NFL. Alex Mack’s retirement does weaken the offensive line, thus expediting the Trey Lance experiment when Garoppolo inevitably goes to the Injured Reserve.

8. Denver Broncos

The Broncos opened with “DangeRuss” odds (we couldn’t help it) and the public quickly bet against them. Adding Russell Wilson is a bold move, and could work out similarly to when the team got Peyton Manning.

7. Los Angeles Chargers

The people love Chargers football — at least on the betting markets. The Chargers improved significantly on paper so all the pressure is now on Justin Herbert, who must follow Burrow’s Super Bowl appearance. No pressure, kid.

6. Dallas Cowboys

“America’s Team” is the beneficiary of playing one of the easiest schedules in 2022. Anything short of a division title would likely be met by barbarians at the door. Jerry Jones can wipe his tears with all the wager tickets his team ruins.

5. Los Angeles Rams

The defending Super Bowl champions in fifth place? What blasphemy is this? Don’t complain — bet on them instead, as a few folks at the sportsbook have. They have the hardest schedule in 2022, but they’re still the champs.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

Believe it or not, folks are betting the Chiefs to miss the playoffs (at positive odds anyway). We all know what happened when everyone started counting the Chiefs out at the midway point last season. Tyreek Hill’s departure stings, but KC should still roll.

3. Green Bay Packers

Like the Chiefs, Green Bay lost its star receiver but that may hardly matter for Aaron Rodgers. If anything, that only improves his chances of winning a third-straight MVP — like the guy he replaced.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay gets to play Atlanta and Carolina twice-each. No wonder Tom Brady went back on his retirement. Tampa is the biggest favorite to win its division, though some folks are betting against them at lofty prices.

1. Buffalo Bills

The Bills‘ 2021 season ended as it usually does: in disappointment. The team acquired Von Miller and should be another year better. A return to the playoffs is expected but anything beyond that could be what it’s been for a generation: wishful thinking.

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