Jaguars vs Jets Betting Odds Thursday Night Football Preview

Jags Fresh off Stunning Upset Over Dallas, Jets Losing Grip

Overzealous Bettors Need to Pump the Breaks

Thursday Night Football game odds show the New York Jets as a 1-point home favorite against the Jacksonville Jaguars who are fresh off a stunning win against the Dallas Cowboys. According to this weekend’s NFL odds, this figures to be one of the more competitive games.

The Jaguars have covered four of their last five decisions, with a push, while the Jets have rotated covers for the last seven games after coming off a loss and failed cover against the Lions as a 2-point favorite.

Let’s continue our Jaguars vs. Jets betting odds preview by getting a closer look at both teams.

The Jacksonville Jaguars got a signature win last week against the Dallas Cowboys after wide receiver Noah Brown couldn’t bring in a pass that hit him right in the hands that would have given Dallas possession in Jaguars territory in overtime.

The Cowboys had a 17-point lead last in the third quarter, so let’s not start anointing the Jaguars as one of the teams to be feared, even against the Jets. They may be the best team in the division and Trevor Lawrence looks like he may be rounding into form, but this is about betting one game.

Despite the success, there are better options on the board rather than getting involved with a team who still struggles for consistency in the passing game. Countless times we have examples of Lawrence having a good day through the air, only to come back down to Earth the next match game.

Let’s continue our Jaguars vs. Jets betting odds preview by diving deeper into the Jets.

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-8) at New York Jets (7-7)

Date & Time:
Location: Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Streaming: Amazon

Wilson is Back Under Center

It was announced that Zach Wilson will get another chance to prove his worth on Thursday Night Football. Mike White is still not cleared to play, forcing head coach Robert Saleh to go back to Wilson after benching the second-year pro from BYU. One of the reasons Wilson was benched was due to his mental approach.

You can work on mechanics or watch more film, but when the mental approach is one of the reasons why a NFL player is struggling, we’re not sure you want your money behind that team, especially when that player is responsible for running the offense. That shortcoming should be a concern when he’s being asked to perform in primetime.

Like the Jaguars, New York can’t be counted on to have a consistent passing game, likely resulting in a grind-it-out affair. Let’s continue our Jets vs. Jaguars betting odds preview by focusing on some angles and numbers heading into Thursday Night Football.

Money in on Jags Based on Sunday

It’s as predictable as Winter weather in Buffalo, the team that looked better the week before will always receive the majority of the action with this game being no different. The betting public smells the Jaguars getting better, while the Jets are losing their grip on football playoffs dreams.

New York opened as a 2-point consensus favorite, but with over 80% of the early money coming in on the Jags, that number has moved to -1.

The total has made a major move after opening at 42 but has since been bet down to 38 with a forecast that calls for heavy rain at times during the game.

To conclude our Jaguars vs. Jets betting odds preview, we have a very small recommendation on the New York Jets, but that’s not built on a nugget of confidence. We have been watching this game too long to not get caught up in the ‘what I just saw’ wager’. There are too many other games on the board this weekend to put any real money on two teams that could easily play to a tie.


Last Updated: 12/20/2022 Jacksonville Jaguars New York Jets
Moneyline -108 (Consensus) -108 (Consensus)
Spread -1 -1
Total 38 38
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