NFC South Win Totals: Brady Back in Business

Tampa Bay Picked to Conquer

There is a sizable gap between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the rest of the NFC South, which sees the return of once-retired quarterback Tom Brady. His retirement didn’t last long and he leads the Buccaneers in NFC South win totals betting markets.

On the second line of betting are the New Orleans Saints and bringing up the tail are the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons.

The NFC South is the Buccaneers to lose the dangerous Saints seek the upset.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Brady retirement lasted all of two seconds as the Greatest of all Time returns as a 44-year-old.

Any team with Brady at the helm is going to be well-backed at the sportsbook and there have been steady moves for the Buccaneers, who are -325 to win the NFC South Championships.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see the season win totals at 11½. It’s the second-highest number behind only the Buffalo Bills, so expectations are high.

Todd Bowles takes over as head coach after unsuccessful campaigns with the New York Jets, but he has more talent to work with in Tampa.

Winning 12 games is tough in a division with many fluky teams but the Buccaneers are the class act.

New Orleans Saints

How many quarterbacks are too many quarterbacks? That’s the question we’re asking the New Orleans Saints, who signed Andy Dalton in the offseason.

They now have Jameis Winston, Dalton, and Taysom Hill at their disposal. You can throw Ian Book into the mix as well, so there is plenty of pressure on likely top pick Winston, who is an interception machine.

Turnovers from the quarterback position could dominate headlines for the Saints and their NFC South wins total is 8½, which is a fair betting line.

The Saints are good enough to push the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but we envision Winston struggling and being replaced by Dalton mid-season. Dalton coming in when the team is struggling isn’t ideal and they could end the season with a disappointing record.

We see the Saints winning around six or seven games, but NFL betting trends suggest the Saints could be better than advertised. Their line went from 8 to 8½, so there is market confidence.

Carolina Panthers

There hasn’t been much support for the Carolina Panthers, who are sitting at 5½ wins and that’s a tough line to bet on.

Excitement levels at the quarterback position are rather low and it could be a long season for the likes of Matt Corral and Sam Darnold.

Over 5½ wins has been backed into -125, so there is market confidence that they can go over the number, however, we would be surprised if they went well over that number.

NFC South wins could be tough to come by for the Panthers and they’re not a confident bet after what could be a tough start.

Atlanta Falcons

Expectations are even lower for the Atlanta Falcons with their NFC South wins total set at 4½.

With Matt Ryan leaving the franchise after a long tenure, it looks like a long road back to a successful season for the Falcons, who have Marcus Mariota as the starting quarterback.

Desmond Ridder is being tipped to take over at some stage but he’s a rookie and we haven’t seen too many rookies succeed lately.

“Winning is contagious and Desmond Ridder’s a winner,” Falcons assistant director of college scouting Dwaune Jones said in an interview with “It permeates the whole building because he’s a guy who’s going to have command of the entire locker room. He’s going to demand respect as well. A guy like that, he’s going to do his absolute best to hit his ceiling.”

We can’t see Riddler having much of an early impact and the Falcons are in for a long season.

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