NFL Coaches Fired In 2022: Whose Butts Are Getting Hot?

Rounding Up 2022’s Most Likely Coaching Casualties

It is with a dubious taste that we line up which NFL head coach will be the first to meet their professional end this 2022. Being an NFL coach may be the hardest job in pro sports. So it’s no surprise that the average coach lasts only around three seasons in the NFL. The NFL coaches fired first in 2022 are most likely in their third year…


Third Time’s Not the Charm?

Uncoincidentally, three of the top four coaches on the NFL odds board are entering their third season. Carolina’s Matt Rhule has the unflattering distinction of being the betting favorite to be first axed from his position. There is no surprise here as Carolina is projected to win no more than five games and miss the playoffs again.

The coach Rhule replaced, Ron Rivera, is fourth with odds at +700. Washington made the playoffs in his first season but regressed last year. It has a new quarterback in Carson Wentz though the defense, which is Rivera’s strength, was subpar in many stretches. A slow start for Washington could pull his plug.

Mike McCarthy is another third-year coach who may not last through the year. He led the Cowboys to a 12-5 record in 2021 but that still ended with a miserable Wild Card Game loss. Like Rivera, McCarthy could be one of the first NFL coaches fired if Dallas underachieves within the first half of the season.

Seattle Could Sack a Legend

Pete Carroll is the most interesting candidate listed with short odds. He is behind just Rhule on the table at +350. This may be surprising as Carroll has been the Seahawks’ greatest coach. He coached the team to its only Super Bowl victory and is the fourth-longest tenured coach. More notably, Seattle has only had one losing season under his guidance.

But Carroll may have worn out his welcome in Seattle. He is partly responsible for Russell Wilson’s exit and his mismanagement of the team as an executive has slowly destroyed what was once an all-time great team. Seattle may just finish last in the NFL and the betting odds are strongly in favor of this team not sniffing the playoffs.

With Seattle in a miserable state, Carroll and the Seahawks may just agree to mutually part ways. Carroll is 70 years old and has been coaching since the 70s. He likely has an outdated perspective on the game. The franchise will be better off with a more modern coach.

Other Coaching Stalwarts in Potential Trouble

It would be league-shaking NFL head coaching news if Carroll steps down. But you know what would top that? If Bill Belichick was one of the first NFL coaches fired. Considered the greatest NFL coach ever, Belichick’s odds are at 40-1, which is short considering his status. In seasons past, his name would not even come within a mile of an article like this. But like Carroll, the game may be passing him by.

The Patriots were resurgent in 2021 but were on the wrong end of a blowout in the playoffs. Another losing season in New England and Belichick may just hang it up. But he’s not the only future Hall of Famer who could be on his way out. Baltimore’s John Harbaugh and Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin have even shorter odds at 20-1 and 28-1, respectively.

Harbaugh has only had two seasons with the Ravens. In 2021, the team was ravaged by injuries, however, another losing season in Baltimore won’t look good. Tomlin, on the other hand, has not had a losing season with Pittsburgh, but that may not matter considering the Steelers have not won a playoff game since 2016. It’s unlikely he gets fired, though missing the playoffs will be hard to stomach.

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