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2024 Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule

The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced their 2024 season schedule. Released in mid-May, the 2024 Pittsburgh Steelers schedule features four primetime games, including three at Acrisure Stadium. The season kicks off on September 8 against the Atlanta Falcons.

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The Steelers will face several key matchups throughout the season, including games against the Broncos, Chargers, and divisional rivals like the Ravens and Browns. Their first primetime game is against the Dallas Cowboys on October 6, followed by matchups with the Raiders, Jets, and Giants. After a Week 9 bye, the Steelers continue with significant games, including a late-season battle against the Ravens and a Christmas Day clash with the Chiefs. The season concludes with a home game against the Bengals in Week 18.

Steelers logo Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule – FAQs

When does the pre-season start?

The pre-season kicks off on August 9, 2024.

When do the Pittsburgh Steelers start playing?

The regular season opener is on September 8, 2024, against the Atlanta Falcons.

When’s their week-off?

The Steelers have their bye week scheduled for Week 9.

2024-2025 Full Calendar for Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers’ 2024-2025 season is packed with intense NFL games. Here’s a look at their schedule:


1Fri, Aug 9Pittsburgh vs Houston
2Sat, Aug 17Pittsburgh vs Buffalo
3Sat, Aug 24Pittsburgh @ Detroit

Regular Season

1Sun, Sep 8Pittsburgh @ Atlanta
2Sun, Sep 15Pittsburgh @ Denver
3Sun, Sep 22Pittsburgh vs Los Angeles
4Sun, Sep 29Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis
5Sun, Oct 6Pittsburgh vs Dallas
6Sun, Oct 13Pittsburgh @ Las Vegas
7Sun, Oct 20Pittsburgh vs New York
8Mon, Oct 28Pittsburgh vs New York
10Sun, Nov 10Pittsburgh @ Washington
11Sun, Nov 17Pittsburgh vs Baltimore
12Thu, Nov 21Pittsburgh @ Cleveland
13Sun, Dec 1Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
14Sun, Dec 8Pittsburgh vs Cleveland
15Sun, Dec 15Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia
16Sat, Dec 21Pittsburgh @ Baltimore
17Wed, Dec 25Pittsburgh vs Kansas City
18Sun, Jan 5Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati

Important Events And Key Dates for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Draft

The Pittsburgh Steelers roster has been bolstered with the acquisition of cornerback Donte Jackson from the Carolina Panthers. Jackson hired -known for his strong tackling and leadership- will bring a fresh sense of purpose to his career in Pittsburgh. The 28-year-old aims to make a significant impact in the Steelers’ defensive lineup. His blend of experience and mentoring abilities is expected to enhance the team’s performance in one of the league’s toughest divisions.

Also, the Pittsburgh Steelers have made significant additions to their quarterback lineup by signing Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. Once a top QB, Wilson struggled with the Broncos while trying to regain his form.

Fields, initially seen as Chicago’s beacon of hope, didn’t meet expectations. With both Wilson and Fields on the roster, the Steelers now have two potential starting quarterbacks. The competition between hardened veterans and fresh young talent will be interesting to watch. And to bet on with great Steelers odds! Who will it be: the experienced Wilson or the promising Fields?

Key Dates for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Notably, the Steelers will host the Kansas City Chiefs on Christmas Day, a game streamed on Netflix.

The schedule also includes a challenging stretch with three of the first four games on the road, a scenario not faced since 2017.

Pittsburgh Steelers Rivalries

The Steelers’ fierce rivalries with the AFC North members Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinnati Bengals are always the highlights of their season.

2023 Pittsburgh Steelers Season Recap

The 2023 season was a notable year for the Pittsburgh Steelers, marking their 91st in the NFL. Under General Manager Omar Khan and Head Coach Mike Tomlin, the Steelers reached several milestones. Their Week 5 victory over the Ravens secured their 700th win, joining an elite group with the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, and New York Giants. The team also set an AFC record with 20 consecutive non-losing seasons after their Week 17 win against the Seahawks.

The season saw the Steelers improve on their 2022 record, ultimately qualifying for the NFL playoffs after a crucial Week 18 win over the Ravens and a loss by the Jaguars to the Titans. Unfortunately, their playoff journey was cut short by a 31-17 defeat to the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card Round.

A significant event this season was the firing of Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada, a move not seen since 1941. This change came after continuous struggles on offense, despite having promising preseason performances. Post-Canada, the Steelers recorded a season-high 421 yards of total offense in a 16-10 victory over the Bengals.

Additionally, the Steelers dealt with off-field challenges, including the theft of Kenny Pickett’s car, which was later recovered. Despite these distractions, the team maintained focus and competitiveness throughout the season.

Looking ahead, the Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh have submitted a bid to host the 2026 or 2027 NFL Draft.

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