Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Prop Bets: Get Rich With Rihanna

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Plenty of Diamonds with Rihanna’s Halftime Props

As Super Bowl LVII heads to halftime, the betting does not stop. In fact, it hits a new level as Rihanna (and others) take to the stage. The superstar singer will make a show for everyone to watch for all the Halftime Show Prop Bets, which are numerous.

From her appearance to her songs to which other music artists will show up to perform with her – there are bets for that.

A Cleavage In Rihanna’s Wardrobe Props

What will Rihanna look like when she performs? Fans can basically bet on every aspect of her attire. Thus far, the sportsbook expects Rihanna to have black hair (-550), a black dress (-150), a necklace (-500), and red or pink lipstick (-300). The songstress should not have any eye shadow (-250) either.

For the pervs expecting a “wardrobe malfunction” or a “nip slip”, dream on as it is unlikely to happen (-800 and -1600, respectively). But Rihanna will be flashing some cleavage (-400) at the least.

Those who want to manifest their lusty tastes into wagers can do so with this Rihanna halftime show best bets.

Rihanna does have a tendency to don dark colors. But the nine-time Grammy Award winner has also been an advocate for social justice issues. So Rihanna is likely to don black as the NFL betting lines favor in commemoration of recent victims of injustices.

The First and Last Songs Will Be…

But to hit big with this halftime show prop bets, fans can pick which songs Rihanna will open and close with. Currently, Diamonds Is the frontrunner opening song (+200). Don’t Stop the Music and Umbrella are tied at +225 to be the closing number.

The books also expect Rihanna to sing around 8.5 songs and fans are still split on whether that number will go over or under (-115 each).

These three songs are some of her most popular, especially in the case of Umbrella.But a long shot in This is What You Came For has gotten traction among bettors and has been bet down to +450 as her opening song. Only Girl in the World is the biggest underdog at +1500.

As a closing song, it’s also an unlikely choice at +2200. Only Man Down is longer on the NFL odds at +3000.

Those who think Rihanna will close out the show with a somber number can bet on Stay (+600). And going back to Man Down,Rihanna could end the evening with this song as a quasi-political message against police brutality in the wake of Tyre Nichols’ murder.

At 30-1, it may be worth a wager.

Stage Crashing and Not-So-Surprising Guest Appearances

It is rare for just one performer to do the Super Bowl halftime show. Typically, guest performers will join the lead artist whether it’s expected or not. Last year, 50 Cent made a surprise appearance. In 2013, Beyonce stunned everyone with an impromptu Destiny’s Child reunion with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

And who could forget Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly crashing the party to help close out the show in 2001?

This year, the halftime show prop bets expect Rihanna to be joined by A$AP Rocky (-300), Drake (-200), and Jay-Z (-200). All three have partnered with her in at least one song and Rocky is Rihanna’s current beau. So they’re all obvious choices.

But the meat on these appearance props is whether Eminem (+150) or Kanye West (+575) will grace us with their presence. There is a decent chance Eminem returns despite having just performed last year. He’s featured with Rihanna twice for Love the Way You Lie and The Monster.

It may be more challenging for Kanye West as the once-great hip-hop artist has done everything in his power to alienate himself from the public. But never say never! Kanye could rejoin Rihanna and Jay-Z to do a rendition of Run This Town. Just maybe give Kanye a short leash when he performs.

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