US Presidential Election Odds: Celeb Longshot Bets

Bets You Should Avoid, There Are a Few to Run From

US Presidential Election Odds are in full swing across multiple sports betting platforms. You’ll find the usual suspects – i.e. politicians from the prominent Democratic and Republican parties – in these markets, shortlisted as potential candidates likeliest to throw their hats into the race.

You’ll also find news about random celebrities and other well-known personalities listed as so-called “potential candidates” to become the next US President, though with longshot political odds that negate their merit and likelihood of winning said presumptive candidacy.

Swapping swanky Hollywood neighborhoods for the stately accommodations of the White House in the nation’s capital isn’t unprecedented. The most recent was Donald Trump, who made the lateral leap from reality TV star and businessman to national statesman of the highest order when he ran as the Republican nominee in the 2016 US Elections. Trump’s bid for a second term in office was thwarted by Joe Biden in 2020.

Actor Ronald Raegan is another example of a Hollywood star that went from the box office to the ballot box, winning back-to-back presidential terms in the 80s.

There are more examples at numerous levels of federal and state government where actors went from the box office to the ballot box, some doing so successfully such as former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Next US Presidential Election 2024 Odds

The next US Presidential Election 2024 odds contain various celebrities and household names. For example, you’ll find Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,  Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, and Elon Musk – all of which are priced on triple-digit odds ranging from +300 to +800. These odds carry a reasonable implied probability.

However, you’ll also find more farfetched hopefuls such as Meghan Markle (+25000), Tom Hanks (+40000), Henry Winkler (+50000), and Scott Baio (+50000), to name a few. These celebs are as likely to enter the race (and win) as this article is to win a Pulitzer prize.

It’s these, ill-advised, jaw-droppingly outrageous bets that are the focus of this article. The kind you probably shouldn’t entertain when placing a bet on politics, unless you have silly money to play with.

Meghan Markle +25000

A number of sportsbooks have Meghan Markle listed on the US Presidential election odds board as a potential 2024 presidential candidate. But the (at best) B-list-actress-turned British-Royal is priced as a hallucinatory bet with odds of +25000 to be the country’s next Commander in Chief.  It’s worth noting that these odds only refer to the next election. They do not refer to future elections where she frankly can’t be ruled out.

Biographer Sean Smith claimed in his biopic, Meghan Misunderstood: “The Truth about Meghan Markle”, that the former Suits actress had expressed a wish (at some point) to become president one day. Joe Biden’s sister, Valeria Biden Owens, told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that Markle would make an excellent president one day and that the Democratic party would welcome her with open arms.

Will Markle run for president one day? Anything is possible in America. For the time being, however, there’s been no sign of an imminent move to run in 2024. The extent of her political reach so far includes dabbling in philanthropy and public speaking on a wide range of current affairs.

Tom Hanks +40000

Tom Hanks was floated as a potential 2020 candidate on the US Presidential Election odds board, but he dispelled any notions of running for office soon thereafter.

Allegedly, Hanks’ name was first put forward by filmmaker Michael Moore. It was part of the filmmaker’s theory about what the Democrats needed to do to win back the White House. In his summation, they needed a high-profile candidate such as Oscar-winning actor Hanks to go head-to-head with Donald Trump.

Hanks reportedly wasn’t best pleased with Moore, even though sportsbooks took to the idea and ran with it. Apparently, Hanks wanted to “strangle” him for turning the spotlight on him. Given Hanks’ reaction then, it’s somewhat surprising that he’s once again on the odds board for the next US Elections.

Henry Winkler +50000

Actor, comedian, and author, Henry Winkler, is the quintessential longshot bet to run for president in 2024, never mind winning the race. There’s nothing about the former Happy Days star that screams president.

Scott Baio +50000

Actor Scott Baio is an ardent Trump supporter but has made no political ambitions to run for a president known – at least not in this round. Frankly, it’s surprising that he’s even considered a potential candidate.

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