Covington vs Masvidal Betting Fight Night 272 Preview

Colby Covington vs Masvidal square off in the main event for Saturday’s UFC 272. Even though this is not a title fight, fans still get to see two of their favorites in the welterweight division. 

These two have a history of being good friends, but apparently parted ways, leading to the announcement of this fight. Whether the drama is for show or not, you can still watch Covington vs Masvidal beat each other into the ground. 

While some fans might be waiting for next season’s Vegas NFL point spreads, there is a ton of action they can catch at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The pay-per-view main card begins at 10:00 PM ET. With a handful of excellent battles on the card, you don’t want to miss this.

These two used to be best buds, now apparently turned enemies. Covington is coming off of a decision loss to current welterweight champ Kamaru Usman. It was the second time he was unsuccessful fighting for a title. 

Masvidal also returns to the octagon with a second loss to Usman. The first time being a last-minute fight that led to a decision, then the second showing where Usman ended the conversation early in the second round.  

Each of these fighters have the capability of ending this battle early. At 37, Masvidal’s better days are behind him, and another loss could push his career in the other direction. 

Taking Masvidal to win isn’t foolish, as he still has legit one-hit knockout power. However, Covington ranks just behind current champ Usman and can take control of this fight.

Covington has everything he needs to control this fight, making it a good pace for him. This will be more apparent in the first few rounds if he can use his conditioning to his advantage. 

Early on, you might even see Masvidal give Covington everything he has, trying to end it. Let’s face it, at 37, how much does he really have to lose here, other than bragging rights?

If Masvidal wins, there is not a lot left, other than the third fight with Usman, but fans and Dana White will likely not allow that. 

Masvidal will probably stick it to fighters that are above the sixth-ranked spot for the welterweight division. Again, he has nothing to lose here. 

As for Covington, it’s bad if he loses, even though Masvidal is an excellent veteran fighter

If Covington controls the pace and is relentless on takedowns, he can win this battle by decision. Most likely, this is the path, whether Masvidal likes it or not. Still, it would be interesting to see Masvidal land a quick knockout like he did against Ben Askren. 

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