2023 XFL Regular Season: Football Season Is Just Getting Started

The XFL Never Starts Too Soon, It Starts on Time

The XFL Returns in 2022 With Outright Odds

The football season does not conclude with Super Bowl LVII. In fact, it’s just getting started. The XFL is back under new ownership with eight NFL teams playing from February 18 – the week after Super Bowl LVII – to May 13, the XFL Championship.

The 2023 XFL regular season will feature 10 XFL games in 10 weeks (because byes are for the weak) and as the XFL outright odds predict, this is anyone’s league to win.

So, the XFL… How Does It Work?

The XFL is obviously not the NFL. But other than branding and roster disparities, there will be some significant rule differences:


Play ClockAs opposed to the NFL’s 40-second play clock, the XFL’s is 35 seconds from the end of the previous play – this changes from the original 25 seconds from spotting the ball
Game ClockThe XFL will use a running game clock for the entirety of the game other than the last two minutes of each half
Point-After System:Instead of a field goal, teams will be given a few options. They can run the ball from two yards for one point, run it from five yards for two, or run it from 10 yards for three. The defense can force a turnover here and will receive whatever points the offense was aiming for if they successfully return it
4th Down ConversionNew in 2023 is an option for teams in possession to convert a 4th and 15 to keep the ball
Double Forward Pass:Teams can attempt a second pass downfield provided the first pass was completed behind the kind of scrimmage
ReceptionsReceivers only need to have one foot in bounds to make a catch as opposed to two feet in the NFL
PuntingThere will be no “gunners” that are seen running prior to the punt; teams must until the ball is punted to release
ReturningLike in punting, teams cannot advance downfield until the ball is possessed by the opposing returner
OvertimeThe NFL employs a sudden death overtime period; in the XFL, teams play by rounds: three (originally five) rounds where an offense will get one play per team starting at the opponent’s five-yard line
Coach’s challengeThe XFL will also allow teams one coach’s challenge, which can be used to review any officiating decision with no restrictions

Other rules remain similar to the NFL. These rules will be implemented in both the 2023 XFL regular season and the playoffs. Additionally, the XFL will use a different ball from 2020. It will be closer to the more traditional ball.

Where and When is the XFL?

The XFL will be broadcast in Disney platforms: ABC, ESPN, and FX. The games take place mostly on Saturdays and Sundays in time slots as early as 12:00 p.m. ET to as late as 7:00 p.m. ET.

There will be a few Thursday, Friday, and Monday games.

FX will carry most of the games until Week 7. Saturday evenings will feature the marquee matchups. Then, ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC will assume control of the schedule from Week 8 onward. In total, FX will carry 14 games, ESPN will carry 11, and ESPN2 will carry 10. ABC will have seven games.

All games can also be streamed on ESPN+.

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Betting on the XFL

The 2023 XFL regular season will be featured on the online sports betting lines. The markets should be similar to what the NFL, USFL, and NCAA football look like: moneyline, totals, and football spreads.

The current XFL outrights have a rather even field when it comes to which team is the likeliest XFL Champion. The St. Louis BattleHawks have been bet to being the favorites at +375 with the Houston Roughnecks and Orlando Guardians at the rear at +700 apiece.

There are eight 2023 XFL teams divided into two divisions. The BattleHawks play in the North Division and will be led by former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. The team is coached and managed by Anthony Becht.

Several notable former NFL figures will be on the sidelines as coaches. Steelers’ legends Hines Ward and Rod Woodson will coach and manage the San Antonio Brahmas and Vegas Vipers, respectively. The Brahmas are a new XFL team while the Vipers relocated from Tampa Bay to Vegas.

Jim Haslett, the 2000 AP NFL Coach of the Year, will also replace Jim Zorn as the Seattle Sea Dragons’ coach and GM. Wade Phillips, the 2015 AP NFL Assistant Coach of the Year will also be the new Houston Roughnecks’ leader as well.

As for high-profile players, several recent NFL Player stars will play this upcoming season. Former All-Pro linebacker Vic Beasley plays for Vegas along with former Steelers receiver Martavis Bryant. Josh Gordon, a Super Bowl champion, Pro Bowler, and All-Pro receiver will play for the Sea Dragons.

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