Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers

The NFL Divisional play-time is biting at our heels, with the Super Bowl flooring the gas pedal to the metal! This is really an exciting time to be alive… Let the tail-end games begin! If you want to test your wagering prowess, stay with us and see what we have to pitch your way to tip you off about NFL standings!  

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Cowboys vs 49ers Highlights

Recap of Last Face-Off

These guys come off as first-timers for this year, since they didn’t have a matchup during the regular season. 

The last time they met was one year ago, in January 16, 2022, at the NFL Wild Card round, where the 49ers  killed it 23-17. If you’re on betting patrol, keep that fact under your hat for good measure!

Divisional Game Facts

These two squads are no strangers to injuries and getting knocked to the ground, especially this season.

With the 49ers losing their opening-day starting QB Lance at Week 2 all the way to almost getting counted out due to Jimmy Garoppolo’s season-ending injury in Week 13 against the Dolphins, it was one after the other. Still, there was the mega trade John Lynch pulled off by getting McCaffrey before the deadline, but the cherry on top was definitely the last pick of the 2022 NFL Draft: QB Brock Purdy. Purdy went from being immaterial and negligible to taking over the 49ers’ flimsy 4-matchup winning streak and turning into a monster streak in Week 13, when they hit the 11-game mark.

The Cowboys on the other hand, have seen resilience in the face and injury is not a thing that can slow them down. Week 1 saw them lose QB Dak Prescott to injury, but when he got back, they went on to win 6 of their following 7 games and 8 of their next 10 until they finished one game behind their counterparts, the 49ers.

These two squads may just be two of the most put-together rosters for these postseason’s face-offs. Sure, their players may be their central point, but even so, this could go down as THE top playoff game of this era, not just for this divisional bracket, but because of team makeup.

This promises to be a truly classic slugfest! So, with the question, “Will Brock Purdy be able to keep on dealing it?” we “finalize our analyze” and leave you with our team standings; the ball is now on your side and you must choose wisely.

Make sure you do your homework and check the NFL standings, the NFL injury report, and any other useful info to make the best wagering decisions.

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