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As the NFL season marches on, football fans eagerly anticipate each matchup, and one game that often captures their attention is the clash between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans. The Jaguars vs Texans rivalry has its own unique charm, with both NFL teams vying for supremacy on the gridiron. In this analysis, we’ll delve into the history, notable players, and some intriguing and superstitious facts surrounding these NFL franchises.

Key Facts of History

The Jacksonville Jaguars, founded in 1993, are relatively young compared to some NFL franchises. The team represents Florida’s largest city and has experienced its fair share of ups and downs. They’ve made several playoff appearances, including a memorable run to the AFC Championship Game in 2017.

The Houston Texans, on the other hand, are even newer, entering the league in 2002. Despite their brief history, the Texans have developed a passionate fan base. They’ve had playoff success as well, although they’ve yet to reach the pinnacle of the NFL by winning a Super Bowl.

Historical & Notable Players

Jaguars logo Jacksonville Jaguars

Fred Taylor: Fred Taylor was a dynamic running back for the Jaguars, known for his speed and agility. During his career, he became the franchise’s all-time leading rusher and earned a spot in the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team.

Tony Boselli: Tony Boselli, an offensive tackle, was the first-ever draft pick for the Jaguars. He was a dominant force on the offensive line and made five Pro Bowl appearances during his career.

Texans logo Houston Texans

Andre Johnson: Andre Johnson was a legendary wide receiver for the Texans, known for his incredible catches and consistency. He’s one of the few players to have recorded over 1,000 receptions in NFL history.

J.J. Watt: J.J. Watt was a defensive powerhouse for the Texans. With multiple NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards, he became a force to be reckoned with on the defensive line.

A List of 8 Fun and Superstitious Facts

  • Jaguars fans proudly display inflatable teal whales, a playful nod to the team’s mascot, Jaxson de Ville, who is known for his entertaining antics during games.
  • JJ Watt holds three franchise records for the Houston Texans.
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars have a dedicated fan section known as the “Teal Street Hooligans.” Situated in the north end zone of TIAA Bank Field, this spirited group of fans brings an energetic and boisterous atmosphere to home games.
  • There is a 45 member music group called the Bull Pen Pep Band that performs at all of the home games of the Houston Texans.
  • Sacksonville was a nickname given to the defense of the Jacksonville Jaguars during their 2017 season.
  • The Texans are one of just four teams to never make the Super Bowl.
  • Jaguars fans participate in the “Duval” chant, shouting “Duuuuval” in unison, representing their passionate dedication to the team and the city of Jacksonville.
  • The mascot of the Houston Texans is Toro, and their team fight song is Bulls on Parade.

The Jaguars vs Texans matchup continues to be an exciting chapter in NFL history. With their own unique histories, notable NFL players, and quirky traditions, these teams bring a distinct flavor to the league. As fans eagerly await each game, the spirit of competition and camaraderie remains at the heart of this NFL rivalry.

Jaguars vs Texans FAQs

When were the Jacksonville Jaguars founded?

The Jacksonville Jaguars were founded in 1993.

Who is the all-time leading rusher for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Fred Taylor holds the record as the all-time leading rusher for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

When did the Houston Texans join the NFL?

The Houston Texans joined the NFL in 2002.
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