Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts

After having locked horns in Week 2 in the AFC South, with a last-season Week 18 matchup wipeout by the Jags, making the Indianapolis Colts miss their playoff dreams, revenge is still something that you can cut with a knife with these two. And, while revenge is a dish best served cold, Week 6 is too close for it to have boiled down. This means the second NFL matchup for this week is still seething with the week-18 loss at the end of last season, the missed playoff spot, and Carson Wentz’s sealed fate. How will things shake out this time, how will the NFL betting odds play out?

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No veteran QB has shown up who can verily replace Andrew Luck, for Indy’s sake. Furthermore, having Carson Wentz give everyone the thrills before giving them the chills by falling at the final hurdle is not something to get over quickly. With former Atlanta Falcons big shot Matt Ryan having come in as a replacement, and with things looking positive with the former MVP in his training-camp mileu, this has Indy kicking off the season as favorites for the division. As a side note, having 2022 be strewn with apparently lucky fives oughta account for something, hein? How about a 5th win at the sixth week?

But enough about Indy, let’s tackle the Jacksonville Jaguars; here’s hoping that this struggling franchise made a good decision by having sent Urban Meyer packing. Newly-arrived Doug Pederson has his work cut out for him in guiding the team through their excruciating scramble for victory. Having a Head Coach that’s a Super Bowl winning leader, and throwing in second-year quarterback Trevor Lawrence with flashes of prowess, plus Christian Kirk and wideout Marvin Jones for good measure, they sure are hoping to recoup the tatters left from a year ago, namely a 27th-ranked offense.

Indy leads the head-to-head 26-16, although last season they could only split the series 1-1. That painful 26-11 loss in week 18 is not something you glide over effortlessly; missing the playoffs was a punch in the face as far as dreams go, especially since they were sure they were going to partake in the star event.

Betting on NFL games? Well, are Ice and the Colts doing it again for you this week? Actually, with Indiana being on the good-side crosshairs of the Week 6 NFL betting odds, you can comfortably back them to cover the spread and deliver. 

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