Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos

It’s week 14 and we have another AFC West battle in the Chiefs vs Broncos. These two teams are no strangers to each other, coming as they do from the same division. The Chiefs have experienced unparalleled success in recent years, while the Broncos have not been to the playoffs since 2015. Can they turn the tables here?

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Despite reaching their fourth consecutive AFC Championship Game, the Chiefs will look back on the 2021 season as a “what if” in the Mahomes/Reed era. They were leading the Bengals at halftime, but their once-mighty offense collapsed, and as a result, they were denied a return trip to the Super Bowl. Even though they still look like the best team in the AFC West, they lost their best offensive player when they traded wide receiver Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins.

The Broncos realized they needed to make some significant changes if they wanted to be competitive in one of the NFL’s toughest divisions. They went out and got a new quarterback after failing to make the playoffs every year since their 2015 Super Bowl victory. Super Bowl champion and offensive juggernaut Russell Wilson is a proven weapon. When the Denver Broncos went after Peyton Manning, a four-time MVP, things went swimmingly. Manning helped them win the Super Bowl and become a national phenomenon.

Even though the Broncos’ quarterback play has improved, they face a formidable opponent in the Chiefs. Despite the fact that the Chiefs have prevailed over many opponents, none have been as hard hit as the Broncos. They have been beaten by the Chiefs 13 times in a row, starting in 2015. Can Denver do anything to change the tide?

How will the NFL betting odds see this, and if you bet on NFL games, how should you play it? The Chiefs will be obvious favorites, and even on the road and up against Russell Wilson, it seems a safe bet to favor the Chiefs to win this one.

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