NFL Conference Championship

The NFL Conference Championship games may be overshadowed by the Super Bowl, but you don’t get to that big game without getting to this one first. As such, NFL Conference Championship odds receive plenty of betting action across the sportsbook and is second only to the Super Bowl in terms of prominence.

The Conference Championships are exactly what they sound like. They are the championship game for the respective NFL conferences: The American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC).

Historically, the AFC and NFC used to be two different football leagues: The American Football League (AFL) and the NFL. The two leagues had their respective championship games where the two winners met in the Super Bowl to decide the best pro football team in America.

2022-23 NFL Conference Championship Odds

The NFL Conference Championship odds come in two major markets: The outrights market and the pre-game odds – the NFL point spreads, moneyline, and totals (over/under). Outright NFL odds are already out and you can bet on the online sports betting site. This is where you bet on which two teams win the AFC Championship and NFC Championship.

The Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the favorites on the AFC odds and the NFC odds to win the Conference Championship, respectively. It means they are the two most likely to meet in Super Bowl LVII two weeks later.

Rot Odds to win AFC Conference Moneyline
241 Buffalo Bills     3.25
242 Kansas City Chiefs     3.10
243 Baltimore Ravens     9.00
244 Miami Dolphins     8.00
245 Cincinnati Bengals     10.00
246 Tennessee Titans     17.00
247 Los Angeles Chargers     23.00
248 New England Patriots     51.00
249 New York Jets     41.00
250 Cleveland Browns     81.00
251 Jacksonville Jaguars     81.00
252 Indianapolis Colts     251.00
253 Las Vegas Raiders     126.00
254 Pittsburgh Steelers     251.00
255 Denver Broncos     501.00
256 Houston Texans     501.00
All wagers have action.

Rot Odds to win NFC Conference Moneyline
141 Philadelphia Eagles     3.25
142 San Francisco 49ers     3.50
143 Dallas Cowboys     4.75
144 Tampa Bay Buccaneers     10.00
145 Minnesota Vikings     7.50
146 Seattle Seahawks     26.00
147 Green Bay Packers     101.00
148 Washington Commanders     34.00
149 New Orleans Saints     126.00
150 New York Giants     51.00
151 Atlanta Falcons     101.00
152 Los Angeles Rams     251.00
153 Arizona Cardinals     251.00
154 Detroit Lions     126.00
155 Chicago Bears     501.00
156 Carolina Panthers     501.00
All wagers have action.

NFL Conference Championship Betting Examples

As an example, we’ll look at a popular way to bet on NFL Conference Championship odds. This is via the outrights, which are available most of the year. These were some of the preseason odds from last season:

The winning bet here was for the Rams at +600. A $100 bet would have returned $600. In fact, a bettor could have still profited if they bet $100 each on each of the top-five teams. You can either bet large on one team or divide the bet for multiple teams.

Closer to the playoffs, these outright odds change. Teams can see their odds drop or rise depending on factors like NFL injury report and recent performances. Sometimes it can be a good idea to wait and see if a team you favor will see their odds lengthen for a potentially bigger payout.

NFL Conference Championship FAQs

When Are the NFL Conference Championship Games?

The NFL Conference Championships games are set to be played on January 29, 2023.

Which NFL Team Has the Most Conference Championships?

The San Francisco 49ers have the most wins; they’ve won 17 games for the NFC Championship.

What Is the NFL Conference Championship?

It is the annual game played by each division. The NFC teams play along the season to choose a winner and so does the AFC division.
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