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NFL Playoff Matchup Odds

NFL Playoff Specials Odds

Jaguars logo Jacksonville Jaguars
Lose in the Divisional Round-450
Lose in the Championship Round+400
Lose in the Super Bowl+2000
Win Super Bowl+3000
Chiefs logo Kansas City Chiefs
Lose in the Divisional Round+340
Lose in the Championship Round+135
Lose in the Super Bowl+375
Win Super Bowl+325
Giants logo New York Giants
Lose in the Divisional Round-350
Lose in the Championship Round+325
Lose in the Super Bowl+1800
Win Super Bowl+2800
Eagles logo Philadelphia Eagles
Lose in the Divisional Round+280
Lose in the Championship Round+125
Lose in the Super Bowl+350
Win Super Bowl+500
Bengals logo Cincinnati Bengals
Lose in the Divisional Round-220
Lose in the Championship Round+425
Lose in the Super Bowl+800
Win Super Bowl+725
Bills logo Buffalo Bills
Lose in the Divisional Round+180
Lose in the Championship Round+200
Lose in the Super Bowl+500
Win Super Bowl+375
Cowboys logo Dallas Cowboys
Lose in the Divisional Round-200
Lose in the Championship Round+375
Lose in the Super Bowl+800
Win Super Bowl+900
49ers logo San Francisco 49ers
Lose in the Divisional Round+170
Lose in the Championship Round+200
Lose in the Super Bowl+450
Win Super Bowl+400

What Is the NFL Playoff Bracket?

The NFL Playoff bracket isn’t your typical bracket-style format that you may see in other sports like soccer or college basketball. Each side of the bracket represents the two conferences; the AFC and the NFC. Seven NFL teams from each conference make the NFL Playoff bracket.

When looking at the overall NFL Playoff Picture, the team that earns its respective conference’s best record gets a first-round bye, meaning that team does not have to play in the Wild Card Round.

After the Wild Card Round, teams are reseeded for the next round of the NFL Playoff schedule. The team that received the first-round bye plays the lowest remaining seed in the Divisional Round.

The Divisional Round dwindles the field down to two teams remaining per conference. Those teams play each other the following weekend in the Conference Championship with the winners advancing to the Super Bowl.

Betting on the NFL Playoffs

NFL Moneyline Betting

There are many avenues one can choose when deciding to bet on the NFL Playoffs. One of the most basic bets on the board is the moneyline. By betting the moneyline during an NFL Playoff game, you’re betting on who you think will win the game. Plain and simple

NFL Point Spread Betting

Betting the spread is one of the more popular bets to make on a football game. Betting the spread means you’re taking the favorite to win by more than that many points or for the underdog to win outright or lose by less than that many points.

Total Betting

Betting the total is another popular bet. When betting the total, you choose to bet on whether the total points will be more or less than that number.

Future Bets

You can also do more long-term bets, or futures. For example, one could bet on who they believe is going to win the Super Bowl from that point, or even who will win Super Bowl MVP. Other futures include Conference Championship winners and round of elimination.

NFL Prop Bets

If one doesn’t want to wager on games, there’s ways to bet on individual players with player props.

When betting a player prop like passing yards, you’ll choose whether you think that quarterback will throw for more or less yards than the number. Player props can be a fun way to bet if you don’t have a read on the game itself.

Last Year’s Recap of the NFL Playoff Bracket

What Teams Made It Through?

  • Rams logoLos Angeles Rams: Were able to navigate the NFC to earn a spot in the Super Bowl. This included close wins over Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kyle Shanahan’s San Francisco 49ers.
  • Bengals logoCincinnati Bengals: Emerged from the AFC after defeating the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round and the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship. The Rams defeated the Bengals 23-20.

How Did They Fare Regarding the Odds?

The Los Angeles Rams making the Super Bowl likely didn’t come as a shock to much of the NFL community, as they opened the 2021-22 season at +1200 odds.

Only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had better odds to win the Super Bowl among NFC teams at +700.The Cincinnati Bengals on the other side of the aisle are a completely different story.

They came in at +15000. Only two teams in the NFL had worse odds to win the Super Bowl.

NFL Playoffs Bracket - FAQs

How Many Teams Are in the Playoffs?

There are 14 total teams making up the NFL Playoffs. Seven teams qualify for the playoffs from each conference.

What’s the Current Expanded Format Used for the Playoffs?

The new expanded format allows for an additional playoff team, bringing the total to 14 teams that qualify for the playoffs, seven from each conference.

How Does the Wild Card Playoff Work?

In the Wild Card round, only the No. 1 seeds from each conference have the privilege of a bye and an automatic qualification in the next round. The Wild Card teams then take on three of the division winners, with the exception of the team with the best record.

How Does the NFL Playoff Bracket Work?

The NFL Playoff Bracket doesn’t work like a typical bracket you may see in college basketball. Instead, teams are re-seeded after each round. The lowest remaining seed plays the highest remaining seed.

How Does the 7-team Playoff Format Work?

In the seven-team playoff format, the No. 1 seed from each conference gets a first-round bye. The remaining teams take part in the Wild Card round.

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