Atlanta Falcons

General Information

City: Atlanta, GA
Stadium: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, GA
Conference: NFC South


  • Super Bowl: None
  • Division championships: 1980, 1998, 2004, 2010, 2012, 2016

Atlanta Falcons All-Time Records

All-Time Passing Leaders

  • Matt Ryan – 59,735
  • Steve Bartkowski – 23,470
  • Chris Miller – 14,066

All-Time Rushing Leaders

  • Gerald Riggs – 6,631
  • Michael Turner – 6,081
  • William Andrews – 5,986

All-Time Receiving Leaders

  • Julio Jones – 12,896
  • Roddy White – 10,863
  • Terance Mathis – 7,349

All-Time Sacks Leaders

  • Claude Humphrey – 99.5
  • John Abraham – 68.5
  • John Zook – 61.0

Atlanta Falcons History

The Atlanta Falcons have a storied history in the NFL. Founded in 1965, they joined the league as the 15th franchise. In their early years, the Falcons faced struggles but found success under the guidance of head coach Norm Van Brocklin. In 1971, they secured their first division title, marking a turning point for the team.

Throughout the decades, the Falcons have been home to numerous talented players. One standout figure is quarterback Steve Bartkowski, who played from 1975 to 1985 and led the team to its first playoff appearance in 1978. Bartkowski’s contributions cemented his place as an Atlanta legend.

Under head coach Dan Reeves in the 1990s, the Falcons experienced a resurgence. In 1998, they made an unforgettable Super Bowl run behind a potent offense led by quarterback Chris Chandler and running back Jamal Anderson. Although they fell short in the championship game, the team’s accomplishment brought immense pride to the franchise and its fans.

The 2000s saw the arrival of dynamic quarterback Michael Vick, who thrilled fans with his exceptional athleticism. In 2004, Vick guided the Falcons to the NFC Championship game, showcasing his unique skills and energizing the city.

In recent years, quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones have become synonymous with the Falcons’ success. Their partnership propelled the team to the Super Bowl in 2016, where they, unfortunately, suffered a heartbreaking loss to the New England Patriots.

Despite not yet capturing a Super Bowl victory, the Falcons remain a competitive force in the NFL. With passionate fans and a proud history, the team continues to strive for greatness and aims to bring a championship to Atlanta in the future.

Historical Atlanta Falcons Standings

Throughout their history, the Atlanta Falcons have had a mix of ups and downs in terms of their standings and performance in the NFL. The team’s overall win-loss record has fluctuated, with some seasons marked by success and others by challenges.

In terms of regular-season performance, the Falcons have had periods of notable success. They have won division titles in multiple seasons, including 1980, 1998, 2004, 2010, 2012, 2016, and 2017. These achievements reflect the team’s ability to excel within their division.

In terms of overall standings, the Falcons have made several playoff appearances, with notable runs in certain seasons. In addition to their Super Bowl appearance in 1998, they reached the NFC Championship game in 2004 and 2012. These accomplishments showcase the team’s ability to compete at a high level and contend for conference championships.

The Falcons have also produced several standout players who have contributed to the team’s success. NFL players like Steve Bartkowski, Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and many others have left their mark on the franchise. These players have achieved impressive individual statistics and have been recognized for their contributions to the team’s success.

In terms of NFL standings, the Falcons have had their share of offensive firepower. They have had seasons where their offense ranked among the league’s best in terms of total yards, passing yards, and scoring. The team’s ability to put up points has often been a focal point of their success.

However, it’s important to note that individual seasons and statistics can vary greatly. The Falcons have also faced challenges and have had seasons where their performance fell short of expectations. Factors such as NFL injuries, coaching changes, and roster transitions have influenced the team’s standings and performance from year to year.

Overall, the Atlanta Falcons have had moments of success, marked by division titles, playoff appearances, and the contributions of exceptional NFL players. While the team’s standings and performance have had their fluctuations, the Falcons remain a competitive force in the league, aiming to achieve consistent success and ultimately bring a championship to Atlanta.

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Atlanta Falcons Standings FAQs

What is the Atlanta Falcons' overall win-loss record in their history?

The Atlanta Falcons’ overall win-loss record in their history, is 404 wins, 496 losses, and 6 ties. This includes regular-season games and does not account for postseason performance.

How many division titles have the Atlanta Falcons won?

The Atlanta Falcons have won six division titles. They won their division in the following seasons: 1980, 1998, 2004, 2010, 2012, and 2016. These titles reflect their success within their respective divisions.

How many Super Bowl appearances have the Atlanta Falcons made?

The Atlanta Falcons have made two Super Bowl appearances in their history. Their first Super Bowl appearance was in the 1998 season (Super Bowl XXXIII), where they faced the Denver Broncos but unfortunately lost. Their second Super Bowl appearance came in the 2016 season (Super Bowl LI), where they faced the New England Patriots but experienced a heartbreaking loss in overtime. Despite not winning a Super Bowl, the Falcons’ appearances in the championship game demonstrate their ability to reach the pinnacle of the NFL.


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