Baltimore Ravens

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Baltimore Ravens
  • City: Baltimore, MD
  • Stadium: M&T Bank Stadium, MD
  • Conference: AFC North
  • Championships:
    • Super Bowls: 2000 (XXXV), 2012 (XLVII)
  • Division championships:  2000, 2012

Baltimore Ravens History

The Baltimore Ravens were founded in 1996, making it the second-youngest franchise in the NFL. However, the team was initially the Cleveland Browns, but when the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis, then owner, Art Modell, saw an opportunity to relocate. Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore, taking up a new name and leaving their franchise history in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Due to the relocation and the franchise’s history staying in Cleveland, the Baltimore Ravens team stats history is shorter than most. Joe Flacco started as quarterback for 11 years, winning one Super Bowl in 2012.

Some of the most significant players in the Ravens’ history have been on defense. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed anchored the defense for years, coming in first and third in all-time franchise tackles.

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Baltimore Ravens All Time Records

All-Time Passing Leaders

  1. Joe Flacco – 38,245
  2. Lamar Jackson – 9,967
  3. Kyle Boller – 7,846

All-Time Rushing Leaders

  1. Jamal Lewis – 7,801
  2. Ray Rice – 6,180
  3. Lamar Jackson – 3,673

All-Time Receiving Leaders

  1. Derrick Mason – 5,777
  2. Todd Heap – 5,492
  3. Torrey Smith – 3591

All-Time Sacks Leaders

  1. Terrell Suggs – 132.5
  2. Peter Boulware – 70.0
  3. Michael McCrary – 51.0

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