Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins

General Information

Miami, FL

Hard Rock Stadium, FL

AFC East


SuperBowl: 1972 (VII), 1973 (VIII)

Division championships: 1971, 1972, 1973, 1982, 1984



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Miami Dolphins All Time Records

Miami Dolphins History

In 1965 the Miami Dolphins were founded and played their first game in 1966 in the AFL. The team would join the NFL after the two football leagues merged in 1970. The Dolphins would play a massive part in the early years of the modern era of the NFL. They would be the first team to go to three straight Super Bowls, winning two consecutively and having the first unbeaten season in the newly founded league. 

The Miami Dolphins’ team stats would be dominated by the team’s early years, with Dan Marino being the focal point of the Dolphins’ history. Marino, outside of holding most of the Dolphins team stats Quarterback records, also broke most passing records while he played. The team, in 2008, would make one of the biggest turnarounds between seasons, going from 1-15 to making the playoffs. 

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