Pittsburgh Steelers

General Information

City: Pittsburgh, PA
Stadium: Heinz Field, PA
Conference: AFC North


  • Super Bowls: 1974 (IX), 1975 (X), 1978 (XIII), 1979 (XIV), 2005 (XL), 2008 (XLIII)

Pittsburgh Steelers All-Time Records

All-Time Passing Leaders

  • Ben Roethlisberger – 64,088
  • Terry Bradshaw – 27,989
  • Kordell Stewart – 13,328

All-Time Rushing Leaders

  • Franco Harris – 11,950
  • Jerome Bettis – 10,571
  • Willie Parker – 5,378

All-Time Receiving Leaders

  • Hines Ward – 12,083
  • Antonio Brown – 11,207
  • John Stallworth – 8,723

All-Time Sacks Leaders

  • James Harrison – 80.5
  • L.C. Greenwood – 78.0
  • Joe Greene – 77.5

Pittsburgh Steelers History

The Pittsburgh Steelers, founded in 1933, are one of the oldest franchises in the NFL. Having a rich history marked by success and resilience, the Steelers stand as a symbol of toughness in the league. They boast an impressive record of six Super Bowl titles, consistently appearing in NFL standings as formidable competitors.

The team, initially struggling, transformed under the ownership of the Rooney family, particularly under the stewardship of Art Rooney. The 1970s saw a golden era for the Steelers, guided by coach Chuck Noll, with star players like Terry Bradshaw, and Franco Harris, and the indomitable “Steel Curtain” defense leading the team to four Super Bowl victories.

Their performance has not only shaped NFL standings but also impacted NFL schedules, with their games often being highly-anticipated events. Rivalries with teams like the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns add further excitement to the season’s schedule.

In recent years, under Coach Mike Tomlin, the Steelers continued to be competitive, adding two more Super Bowl victories to their tally. The history of the Steelers is a testament to consistent leadership, strong team culture, and the tenacity of a franchise synonymous with victory.

Historical Pittsburgh Steelers Standings

The Pittsburgh Steelers, a storied franchise in the National Football League (NFL), have a rich history marked by impressive standings, top rankings, and stellar performances. Throughout their existence, the Steelers have become one of the most successful teams in NFL history.

With a consistent display of skill and determination, the Steelers have secured numerous division titles and playoff appearances. Their impressive track record showcases their dominance in the league. Over the years, the Steelers have consistently ranked among the top teams in the NFL.

In terms of standings, the Steelers have had several remarkable seasons. They have clinched a staggering total of 24 division championships, solidifying their status as a perennial force in the league. Additionally, the team has qualified for the playoffs on numerous occasions, illustrating their ability to perform under pressure.

The Steelers have had their fair share of memorable moments, including their remarkable Super Bowl victories. With a total of six Lombardi Trophies, the team stands among the most successful franchises in NFL history. Their Super Bowl triumphs came in Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV, XL, and XLIII, cementing their legacy as champions.

Throughout their journey, the Steelers have been known for their exceptional defense, affectionately dubbed the “Steel Curtain.” This legendary defensive unit has featured iconic players like “Mean” Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, and Troy Polamalu, who became synonymous with the Steelers’ brand of tough, hard-hitting football.

The Steelers have also been home to a myriad of talented NFL players. Legendary names like Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, and Jerome Bettis have graced the field in the Steelers’ black and gold. These players, among many others, have left an indelible mark on the franchise and have contributed to its success over the years.

As a result of their consistent performances and strong roster, the Steelers have often found themselves among the favorites in NFL odds. Fans and pundits alike have recognized the team’s ability to compete at the highest level and have placed their trust in the Steelers’ winning tradition.

Looking ahead, the Steelers continue to strive for excellence, aiming to add more accolades to their illustrious history. With a passionate fan base, a talented roster, and a tradition of success, the Pittsburgh Steelers remain a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Standings FAQs

How many division championships have the Pittsburgh Steelers won?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won a total of 24 division championships in their history. This remarkable achievement highlights their consistent success and domination within their respective divisions.

How many Super Bowl victories do the Pittsburgh Steelers have?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won a record-breaking six Super Bowl championships. Their victories came in Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV, XL, and XLIII, making them one of the most successful franchises in NFL history.

How often do the Pittsburgh Steelers qualify for the playoffs?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have established a reputation for regularly qualifying for the playoffs. Throughout their history, they have made numerous postseason appearances, demonstrating their ability to consistently perform at a high level. Their consistent playoff runs are a testament to the team’s sustained success.

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