NHL Draft

NHL 2024 Draft

The order for the NHL Draft is set through a mix of lottery results, regular season NHL standings, and playoff outcomes. While teams can trade their draft picks, the selection order always reflects the original holder of the pick, regardless of trades.

Teams have the option to retain or trade their draft picks with other NHL teams, either for players or additional picks. As a result, although each team typically receives seven picks in a draft, they might not use all seven. The position of their picks is determined by their performance in the regular season standings.

First-Round Order for Picks

The NHL 2024 draft is on for June 28 and June 29. Here are the current draft pick standings for the first round:
1San Jose Sharks
2Chicago Blackhawks
3Anaheim Ducks
4Columbus Blue Jackets
5Montreal Canadiens
7Ottawa Senators
8Seattle Kraken
9Calgary Flames
10New Jersey Devils
11Buffalo Sabres
12Philadelphia Flyers
13Minnesota Wild
14San Jose Sharks (from Pittsburgh Penguins)
15Detroit Red Wings
16St. Louis Blues
17Washington Capitals
18Chicago Blackhawks (from New York Islanders)
19Vegas Golden Knights
20New York Islanders (from Tampa Bay Lightning via Chicago Blackhawks)
21Los Angeles Kings
22Nashville Predators
23Toronto Maple Leafs
24Colorado Avalanche
25Ottawa Senators (from Boston Bruins via Detroit Red Wings)
26Montreal Canadiens (from Winnipeg Jets)
27Carolina Hurricanes
28Calgary Flames (from Vancouver Canucks)

NBA Draft Betting News

NHL Players Draft Odds: Eyeing the Top Picks

Three standout players in the 2024 NHL Draft are known for their exceptional offensive skills: Celebrini, Demidov, and Sennecke. Celebrini is projected to be the No. 1 pick, Demidov is expected to go in the top five, and Sennecke has emerged as a potential top-10 pick.

Celebrini: The Expected No. 1

Celebrini’s offensive & mad skills make him the top contender for the first overall pick. His ability to control the puck and create scoring opportunities sets him apart from his peers.

Demidov: The Highlight Reel

Demidov, a likely top-five pick, has been a standout at Russia’s junior level. His dazzling puck handling skills make him a regular feature in highlight reels.

Sennecke: The Late Riser

Sennecke has climbed the ranks to become a potential top-10 pick. Standing at 6-2, he possesses impressive skating ability and excels in one-on-one situations. While his season’s production might not be eye-popping, his skill set is undeniably impressive.

Rumor Has It: Who’s Who in the Picks?

Top 5 Picks for the 2024 NHL Draft

1. Sharks logo San Jose Sharks – Macklin Celebrini, C, Boston University
The Sharks secure a franchise cornerstone in Celebrini. His arrival would entail a brighter future for San Jose, forming a dynamic duo with Will Smith.

2. Blackhawks logo Chicago Blackhawks – Artyom Levshunov, D, Michigan State
Levshunov, a top defenseman with strong two-way skills and offensive potential, fills a crucial need for the Blackhawks.

3. Ducks logo Anaheim Ducks – Anton Silayev, D, Torpedo
Standing at 6-foot-7, Silayev’s mobility and defensive skills make him an ideal fit for the Ducks‘ future plans.

4. Blue Jackets logo Columbus Blue Jackets – Cayden Lindstrom, C, Medicine Hat Tigers
Lindstrom adds depth to the Blue Jackets‘ center position, complementing Adam Fantilli with his rugged, productive playstyle.

5.Canadiens logo Montreal Canadiens – Ivan Demidov, LW, SKA St. Petersburg
Demidov’s high offensive upside makes him a potential cornerstone for the Canadiens, balancing the team’s need for a dynamic forward.

All Eyes on June 28-29

The 2024 Upper Deck NHL Draft is set to make history at Sphere in Las Vegas on June 28 and 29. This marks the first time the NHL Draft will be held in Las Vegas.

The draft will be held over two days, with Round 1 on Friday, June 28, starting at 4 p.m. PT, and Rounds 2-7 on Saturday, June 29, starting at 8:30 a.m. PT.

Understanding the NHL Draft Selection Process

The NHL Draft consists of two rounds, with the order based on the teams’ performance in the previous season. The worst-performing team picks first, while the champion picks last. Teams can trade their picks to move up or down in the order.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Non-Playoff Teams (Picks 1-16): Teams that missed the NHL playoffs last season.
  • Playoff Teams (Picks 17-24): Teams that made the playoffs but didn’t win their division or reach the Conference Finals.
  • Division Winners (Picks 25-28): Teams that won their division but didn’t reach the Conference Finals.
  • Conference Finalists (Picks 29-30): Teams that lost in the Conference Finals.
  • Stanley Cup Runner-Up (Pick 31): The team that lost in the Stanley Cup Finals.
  • Stanley Cup Champion (Pick 32): The team that won the Stanley Cup.

Teams are ranked within these groups by their regular season point totals, with the lowest points picking first. The NHL draft lottery can change the order for the top 16 picks in the first round. For subsequent rounds, the basic order based on point totals is followed.

If a team fails to sign their first-round pick, they receive a compensatory pick in the second round of the next draft, matching the position of the unsigned player. For instance, not signing the 7th overall pick grants the team the 7th pick in the second round as compensation.

In sum:

  • The Stanley Cup winner picks last, with the runner-up picking next-to-last.
  • Conference Finals losers pick 27th and 28th based on their standings.
  • Conference Semifinals losers pick 23rd to 26th.
  • Teams that lost in the first round pick 15th to 22nd.
  • Teams that missed the playoffs occupy the first 14 positions, determined by the NHL draft lottery. The worst-performing teams have the best chance of getting higher picks.

NHL Draft History

The NHL Draft, originally called the “NHL Amateur Draft,” started on June 5, 1963, in Montreal. Major changes in 1967 ended NHL sponsorship of junior teams and introduced development fees for drafted players.

In 1974, the draft age briefly dropped to 18 but was set permanently at 18 in 1980. The draft was renamed the “NHL Entry Draft” in 1979 and began including professional players.

The first public draft occurred in 1980 at the Montreal Forum, with the event leaving Montreal for the first time in 1985. Live TV coverage started in 1984, and the first U.S.-based draft was in Detroit in 1987.

In October 2023, the NHL adopted a “decentralized” draft model starting in 2025, with prospects and team reps attending the venue while business is handled remotely.

Betting on the NHL Draft

American odds are the most popular format for NHL Draft predictions. You’ll notice a “plus” sign or a “minus” sign before each entry, indicating how much you win for every $100 you bet or how much you need to bet to win $100, respectively.

Types of NHL Draft Odds

NHL Draft FAQs

What is the NHL Draft?

The NHL Draft is an annual event where teams select eligible players to join their rosters.

How is the NHL draft order determined?

The draft order is based on team performance from the previous season, with the worst-performing teams picking first. The top 16 picks are influenced by the NHL Draft lottery.

What is the NHL Draft lottery?

The NHL Draft lottery is a system that gives the teams that missed the playoffs a chance to secure a higher draft pick, with the worst teams having better odds.

Can NHL teams trade draft picks?

Yes, teams can trade their draft picks both during the draft and beforehand.
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