2023 F1 Season Overview: F1 Teams Under the Glass

In-Depth Scrutiny of Performance, Single-Seaters and Racers

With the 2023 Formula 1 season nearing the end, and with 8 F1 races remaining, it’s a pretty good time to take a much-needed, hard look at the performance of the F1 teams, motorsports betting options like the F1 constructor championship moneyline (without Red Bull), and their racers. Read ahead to find on-point information in this 2023 F1 Season Overview.

Red Bull

The most dominant team in Formula 1 over the last 3 years has an insatiable hunger for victories and since Red Bull is so far ahead of the rest, this 2023 F1 Season Overview doesn’t see the need to provide odds for the F1 giant.

This Austrian team possesses the perfect combination of racers, team principal, and single-seater cars. Adrian Newey is responsible for ‘giving wings’ to every car he designs, and the RB19 is no exception. Christian Horner, team principal for Red Bull, is a seasoned leader who has been a fundamental part of the team since the beginning, winning 5 constructors’ championships and 6 drivers’ championships.

  • Max Verstappen (1st): The 2023 formula 1 season has been the perfect stage for Verstappen to prove why they call him Super Max. Since Bahrain, he has not stepped down from the podium, and, among his victories -a common occurrence in F1- the most remarkable one has been breaking the record for 10 consecutive wins in F1, a record previously held by Red Bull legend and former racer, Sebastian Vettel.
  • Sergio Perez (2nd): In a season full of ups and downs, although he solidly remains in second place in the championship, Checo’s seat always seems to be in a perennial state of uncertainty for the next season. Poor qualifying results and accidents in practice have contributed to the narrative that Checo doesn’t deserve to be at Red Bull. Despite the rumors, Checo managed to find a way to taste victory in Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia. How long will the Mexican Minister of Defense hold on to the Red Bull seat? Who knows; for now, he’s up for the 2024 season.

Mercedes (-400)

So far, it has been a challenging season for the Mercedes team. They don’t have the flagship car that helped Lewis Hamilton secure his 7th F1 drivers championship. However, by working steadily and quietly, they have managed to remain second in the constructors’ championship. With a Formula 1 legend like Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes will always have a chance to compete with other teams on the grid.

  • Lewis Hamilton (4th): Having an inferior car in terms of aerodynamics as compared to Red Bull, and in terms of top speed as compared to Ferrari, he has managed to demonstrate why he is a legend in F1 and has squeezed every ounce of capability from the W14. The Englishman has managed to get on the podium three times so far this season, earning valuable points for the team in the constructors’ championship.
  • George Russell (7th): The young racer arrived at a restructuring Mercedes team, but his nickname “Mr. Consistency” is well-earned. Russell has managed to secure a podium once, but this doesn’t reflect his strong qualifying results at the beginning of the season.

Ferrari (+275)

It has been another long season for the Tifosi. The trend-setting and dominant Ferrari seems like a distant memory amid the disappointments of recent years. Scuderia Ferrari made the decision to take a different path with their former team principal, Mattia Binotto. His replacement, Frédéric Vasseur, arrived to try to make changes for the Italian team.

Ferrari has great potential in its single-seater, as Verstappen mentioned on his radio during the race at Monza; Ferrari’s top speed is insane. Unfortunately for the Maranello-based team, they couldn’t address the issues of premature tire degradation. This, combined with poor race strategies and unforgiving pit stops, has prevented their two talented racers from showcasing their abilities.

  • Carlos Sainz (5th): The Spanish racer has stood up for Ferrari this F1 season. Expectations for Leclerc have always been high, and the team subtly leans towards the Monegasque driver, but the Smooth Operator made a strong statement at Monza by securing pole position and his first podium of the season, a position hotly contested with his teammate.
  • Charles Leclerc (6th): A forgettable season for Lord Percival. Three DNFs and an 11th-place finish mean that Charles is not having a great season. The racing world knows Leclerc’s potential, but the question remains whether Ferrari knows how to harness it. Nevertheless, his podiums in Azerbaijan, Austria, and Belgium are proof that Leclerc can make the most of the limited resources Ferrari provides.

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Aston Martin (+5000)

Probably the team with the highest expectations in the world of F1, Aston Martin showed signs of good results at the beginning of the season, announcing improvements to their car and adding two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso to their driver lineup. The team has achieved great results and leaves fans with a positive outlook for the next year.

  • Fernando Alonso (3rd): The years pass, but all Fernando Alonso does is race. The Spaniard has shown that the old competitive fire from his days at Renault never went out. His place among the legends of racing is a subject of debate among fans, but what Alonso accomplishes with underperforming cars is a feat few achieve in F1. In the 2023 season, he has demonstrated his skill by reaching the podium in 6 of the 15 races so far.
  • Lance Stroll (9th): Completely overshadowed by his teammate, Stroll hasn’t achieved significant accomplishments in 2023. His best finish was 4th place in Australia.

McLaren (+1600)

In recent years, McLaren has been a consistent midfield team in the F1 standings, but this season has brought a pleasant surprise to their fans. The new package introduced on the MCL60 for the Austrian GP immediately paid off, helping Lando Norris secure a 4th place and an even better result at Silverstone, where Norris achieved 2nd place in qualifying and 3rd place in the race. It will be interesting to see McLaren’s performance in the upcoming races.

  • Lando Norris (8th): Lando’s talent is undeniable, and he demonstrates with his car whenever possible. With McLaren’s new modifications, Norris has shown that, with the right car, he is championship material. McLaren has a bright future as long as they provide the tools to Lando. Norris achieved podiums in Silverstone and Hungary.
  • Oscar Piastri (12th): His position in the driver’s championship doesn’t reflect his true talent. As a rookie, Piastri has adapted to F1 with ease and has even competed closely with his teammate. His best result has been 4th place in Silverstone. Without a doubt, the Australian has great potential to help McLaren return to their days of glory.

In light of the above, another question is raised in a logical train of thought: what was the betting scenario at the beginning of the 2023 F1 season? Clearly, Red Bull (-160) has always been the favorite to win the Constructor’s Championship. Mercedes (+270), Ferrari (+300), and Aston Martin (+5000) maintained their initial positions in the predictions, taking the second, third, and fourth places, respectively. But the interesting part is that the Alpine F1 Team was initially positioned as fifth (+14000), but their disappointing performances caused them to fall in the F1 standings. McLaren (+20000) was the team that surprised everyone by taking over the fifth position.

After taking a good, hard look at the performance and status quo of the F1 teams and their drivers, this branch of motorsports has just become more intense and attractive, especially in regards to knowing your betting options and what to expect on the outcomes of forthcoming F1 events, which is the value of having this 2023 F1 Season Overviewto aid in shaping your F1 perspective and -why not- your betting decisions.

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