Jake Paul’s Next Bout Is Confirmed!

Andre August Is Paul’s Next Opponent, But Who the F*ck Is He?

The Fight Is on Dec. 15th

It looks like we have ourselves a fight!!!

“Jake Paul has the money, the fame, the team, and the resources, but he doesn’t have my hunger. When that bell rings, I am going to go straight to Jake Paul and ring his bell and send him back to YouTube for good.”

That’s some serious fight talk from Andre August.



Mr. Paul is back in the boxing news, but this time, his opponent, well, isn’t very well known, to put it politely.

So, Who Is August?

August possesses the requisite expertise, having racked up a decade of service as a professional boxer and part-time promoter (as I highlight with a deeper bass note in my voice for the latter over the initial portion of the sentence).

It is worth noting that the Texas native possesses an equally deficient resume. I guess it’s still better than the Paul brothers’ record combined.

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August is indeed on a five-fight winning stretch, and he recently defeated Brandon Martin, an unbeaten cruiserweight prospect. However, that victory by unanimous decision was only his third against a combatant with a winning streak.

His record against fighters making their debuts is 2-2 with a draw, and his knockout victories over Ramiro Garcia and Jeremie Parks are tarnished to some degree by their combined 6-29-4 record.

August is not entirely unfortunate. In 2017, he defeated Joshua Kuhn via stoppage, demonstrating exceptional skill. However, that victory occurred six years ago, and Kuhn has since retired from the sport with a record of 1-4-1.

Moreover, August suffered his sole defeat at the hands of Eric Abraham, who defeated him via TKO despite August entering the match with a 3-3 record. Abraham is currently 7-16 as a pro.

Worst of all, August fights for the first time in a scheduled bout for eight rounds on December 15. Therefore, although he has more expertise overall than Paul, he has never advanced past the sixth round of combat, whereas the former YouTuber has done so in four of his last five bouts.

Jake Paul vs Andre August Fight

In conclusion, Paul’s attempt to validate his abilities against a legitimate boxer is improbable to alter the perception of others regarding his skill set through a victory over a 35-year-old with an unimpressive resume.

It’s certainly not the boxing rumors we hoped it to be; it won’t come remotely close to the numbers Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz achieved, and overall, it’s a disappointment to circus boxing fans around the globe.

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