What the F*ck Is James Harden Doing?

Harden Will Have to Pay a $389,082 Fine Every Game He Misses With The 76ers

In Other James Harden News, Fat James Harden Is Incoming

You gotta give James Harden credit. The man knows how to get what he wants and he’s willing to do whatever he can to make it happen. At this point, it’s no secret that the former MVP wants to move on from the Philadelphia 76ers as NBA trade rumors have indicated.

However, James Harden news aren’t all that blissful. Teams aren’t exactly lining up to trade for a 34-year-old guard who disappears in the NBA playoffs and acts like a child when he doesn’t get his way. For a moment, it looked like Harden would be a good soldier as he participated in the 76ers’ training camp, but now he’s missed multiple practices and is sitting out of the team’s last preseason game.

NBA games haven’t started yet but this situation will only get worse once they do. The latest James Harden news suggests that the Los Angeles Clippers are the only team that remains interested in trading for Harden. However, they aren’t willing to give up much and the trade talks have stalled.

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Fines Are A-comin’

So where does that leave the situation? Well, the fines could start piling up for Harden. According to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, the guard “could be subjected to a $389,082 fine” for every preseason and regular season game he misses without the team’s permission. He could also be fined $2,500 for each missed practice.

The problem facing Philadelphia is that Harden is willing to get uncomfortable. He’ll likely show up to games and practices just to be an asshole. However, they can’t fine him if he’s showing up. Would the 76ers rather take money from him or send him away from the team and continue to pay him? Either option is less than ideal.

At a certain point, just getting off of Harden may be best for the team. It sucks to lose a valuable asset without a great return but why would any team want to give up a lot for him? Harden is no longer a great player even when he’s locked in. He can be very good at times but he’s not consistent and stinks in the playoffs.

The 76ers have some big decisions to make and it’s not ideal. They’re in a real lose-lose situation here. What’s the most confusing thing is that Harden could’ve been a free agent this offseason but decided to opt into his contract hoping for a trade. That was clearly stupid of him to do, but here we are. That’s all for now in James Harden news.

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