Top Tips For New York Sports Betting Aficionados

Betting in the Big Apple

The Big Apple’s massive move into sports betting has grabbed headlines all around the sports and the sports-related world.

Many people believe that New York is the home of American sports; of course, a number of LA residents might like to put forth their two cents in this regard, but California is yet to cross the bridge and legalize online gambling for sports fans.

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The Empire State also has more teams across the Big Four US sports than any other state, to boot. Basically, what we’re trying to say is that it’s a big deal.

For those New Yorkers who are partial to a sports wager or two, there are betting strategy factors and tips that can apply right across the board, but it’s important they get a grasp of them aforehand.

With the wealth of online information about gambling going around, we imagine you’re probably aware of how sports wagers work.

  • Prior to the legalization of online gaming in 2022, New Yorkers had been able to place in-person bets as far back as 2013. With that said, there are still a few handy tips more for the road, and we’ll be looking at them today.

Shop Around – Check Out Bonuses & Promotions

It doesn’t matter what type of online service we’re looking for, the idea of a bargain or a cheaper option will always pique our interest. And, with sports betting, it’s no different.

In fact, welcome bonuses and promotions are cost-effective tools platforms used to attract new customers. It’s a two-way winning street, where you get to place your bets with free betting credits or a no-deposit bonus, and the platform gets to increase its customer base and advertise its services to you.

Betting bonuses come in many forms, and sports betting bonuses for New York bettors follow the same blueprint as many other online promotions used by gambling platforms across the wider gambling industry, both in the US and in other popular gambling jurisdictions across Europe, Asia and Oceania. By using promotions -according to– you can get a bit more bang for your buck, but it’s important to know what to look for.

Many bonuses have changing terms and conditions, so familiarizing yourself with terms common to the majority is a good place to start.

The most important factors in these terms are:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Max cashout
  • Expiry dates.

Some bonuses have high wagering requirements, usually over 60x, meaning you must play through 60 times your initial stake to claim your winnings as real cash, for instance.

On the other hand, the industry average for max cashouts is around $50, and expiry dates ranging from 3 to 7 days are standard. Regarding top tips for bonuses and promotions, the best tip is to know what to look for when you sign up; it’s important to know the terms and use them effectively to supplement your sports bet.

Know Your Sports

So many betting markets available for bettors in New York, so many professional teams operating out of one state! This makes the market particularly vast.

Nearly 20 million people live in The Empire State, and, despite only being properly regulated for just over two years, the New York sports betting industry is now a multi-billion dollar sector.

The NFL retains its top spot as the most popular sport and the most wagered-on market in the US, but its immense popularity does not mean everyone understands the sport and the betting market that goes along with it. And that is vital.

This year’s cliffhanger Super Bowl underscored just how much of a market there is for American football. And American football is also one of the main American sporting exports, which means it brings in a considerable international audience.

Now, If you’re one of the people who contributed to the billions of dollars worth of bets on this year’s Super Bowl game, you are privy to how unpredictable it can be to place a bet on this sport… or on any sport, for that matter.

However, if you’re blindly betting on sports you do not understand, not only is this a bad way to go about it, but it could also signal a bigger issue with gambling.

Be careful and be on the lookout for red flags like this one when they appear—this applies to any sports bet, be it soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. If you’re losing money on markets and sports you have no knowledge of, it’s definitely a telltale sign!

Gamble Responsibly

There’s a three-pronged approach to safe betting:

  • Setting time
  • Setting deposit limits
  • Understanding the sport

This is the key message and tip you should take away from your read today.

If you believe you’re spending too much time or money on gambling, you should seek out somebody to speak to, someone who can help you with your problem and ensure it doesn’t spiral into a situation where it causes significant damage to your friends and relationships.

Tips Wrap-Up

Many of the sports betting tips we’ve discussed today are nifty, common-sense ideas that can be applied across the board to any betting market.

Of course, ensuring you have good knowledge of a sport is more specific to sports betting than casino gaming, but still, the general principle of safe gambling and shopping around for the best bonuses and promotions applies broadly across the wider iGaming community.

With so many online markets and mobile betting apps making it much easier to place a bet from home, keeping these simple tips as the base of your betting strategy will help you navigate the market more effectively and let you get the necessary knowledge to improve your online sports betting experience on all sides.

For betting news, odds analysis, and more, visit Point Spreads Sports Magazine.

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