SuperBook Sportsbook Review 2023 | Picks for Tonight SuperBook General Information

SuperBook Sportsbook, licensed under SBOpco, LLC, has been a staple in Nevada’s sports betting scene since 1993, originally established at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort. The company expanded to Colorado on May 1st, 2020, and now operates in multiple U.S. states with plans for further growth. SuperBook’s annual revenue is reported around $6.5 million, reflecting its solid presence in the U.S. market.
Focused solely on the American audience, SuperBook does not have operations outside the U.S., specializing in catering to the specific needs and regulations of the American sports betting sector.


SuperBook Sportsbook Review 2023 | Picks for Tonight

SuperBook Review & Full Analysis

*Last update: 05/13/2024


Pros and Cons of Bet365



Longstanding Reputation: SuperBook’s established presence since 1993, particularly noted for its retail location at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort, underscores its reliability and depth of experience in the sports betting industry.

Competitive Odds: SuperBook is recognized for offering competitive odds, providing value to bettors, especially for those who shop around across different sports.

Innovative Contests: SuperBook stands out for its SuperContest, offering unique betting competitions with substantial prizes.


Limited Design and User Experience: The platform’s design is seen as outdated, which may detract from user engagement compared to more modern sportsbook interfaces.

Customer Service Limitations: The absence of 24/7 customer support could be a significant inconvenience, especially for issues that need immediate resolution.

Limited Live Streaming Options: SuperBook doesn’t offer live streaming options, which could limit the in-play betting experience for users who prefer to watch live games while placing bets.

Live States

SuperBook Sportsbook has expanded its operations beyond its original Nevada location, now serving bettors in several U.S. states. Here’s where SuperBook is currently live:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Maryland
  • Nevada: At the Westgate Las Vegas Resort.
  • New Jersey: Available at The Meadowlands Racetrack.
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

SuperBook Sportsbook Review 2023 | Picks for Tonight Bonuses and Promotions

SuperBook Sportsbook Promo: $250 Sign-Up First Bet Match Bonus

New users in states like Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, New Jersey, and Tennessee can avail of the SuperBook sportsbook promo. By signing up for a SuperBook account and placing their first wager on odds of -200 or less on the same day, they are eligible for a matching bonus up to $250, embodying the essence of the SuperBook betting experience. This bonus, reflective of the user’s initial wager amount, is issued within 24 hours.


Other Promotions

SuperContest® and SuperContest Gold® Promotions at SuperBook

SuperContest® Details:

  • Entry Fee: $1,000, with contestants allowed up to seven entries.
  • Entry Period: TBD.
  • Contest Period: TBD.
  • Note: Participants should review the terms and conditions before purchasing an entry.
SuperBook Super Contest

SuperContest Gold®:

  • Entry Period: TBD
  • Contest Period: TBD
  • Format: Winner-take-all, with an entry fee of $5,000.
  • Note: It’s important to review terms and conditions before entry.
SuperBook Super Contest Gold

SuperContest® Reboot:

Unique to the Las Vegas scene, the SuperContest Reboot offers a second-half-season contest that stands apart from the original SuperContest. Entry to the Reboot doesn’t require participation in the original contest.

  • Entry Fee: $500, promising 100% payback and payouts to the top five finishers.
  • Entries: Up to five per contestant.
  • Final Sign-up Deadline: TBD
  • Entry Start Date: TBD
SuperBook Super Contest Reboot

SuperBook Review on Referrals: Refer A Friend Bonus

In our SuperBook sportsbook review, the Refer A Friend program stands out. Existing customers can navigate to the “Refer a friend” page within “My Profile” to find and share a referral code with new, previously unenrolled users. 

The new user must register using this code and make a deposit. Fulfilling these conditions triggers a bonus for both parties, equal to the new user’s first deposit amount, capped at $50. This bonus is allocated to cover 50% of future qualified cash bets until depleted, with each account allowed up to 10 referral bonuses.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods by State for SuperBook® Sportsbook

Deposit Methods:

  • Play+: Available in all states.
  • PaySafe: Available in all states except Nevada.
  • PayPal: Available in Maryland, Ohio, Iowa, Tennessee, Arizona, Colorado, and New Jersey (Deposits only).
  • Debit Card: Available in Tennessee (Deposits only).
  • Credit/Debit: Available in Arizona, Colorado, and New Jersey (Deposits only).
  • Wire Transfer: Available for deposits of $1000 and up in all states except Nevada.
  • In-person at Westgate SuperBook: Nevada only.

Withdrawal Methods:

  • Play+: Available in all states.
  • Credit/Debit: Available in Arizona for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • In-person at Westgate SuperBook: Available in Nevada.

User Experience

SuperBook Sportsbook’s interface features a black background with a central white screen, highlighting the live betting section, promotions at the top, and the available markets on the left-hand side menu. 

While the layout is functional, the overall design appears outdated compared to the more modern interfaces of competitors. Updating the user interface could improve visual appeal and user interaction since it is a bit behind other sportsbooks.


The platform performs well in navigating between markets, offering quick and seamless transitions. This responsiveness allows users to efficiently manage their bets and navigate the site, ensuring a reliable and effective betting experience.

SuperBook Sportsbook Review 2023 | Picks for Tonight Mobile App

The SuperBook Sportsbook mobile app mirrors the desktop version’s design, maintaining a consistent user experience across devices. On iOS, it boasts a rating of 4.4 out of 5, while on Google Play Store, the app’s rating varies by state, ranging from 3.2 to 4.3 out of 5.

Key features of the app include a navigation bar at the bottom with buttons for Home, All Sports, Bet Slip, Promos, and My Profile. Initially, the app displays around four games or events, providing a quick snapshot of ongoing betting opportunities.

In terms of performance, the app meets expectations for speed and usability. Users can easily locate specific events through the search function, and essential features and functionalities are readily accessible, ensuring a smooth and efficient betting experience on mobile devices.

SuperBook App

Odds Competitiveness

Odds Competitiveness:

SuperBook is noted for offering competitive odds, which can be advantageous for bettors looking to shop around. In some instances, their lines are slightly cheaper in certain sports, though they can also be higher than other sportsbooks. For example, NBA spread bets showed a variation of around 0.5 points. Despite these differences, SuperBook generally maintains its odds within a range considered accessible and fair for bettors.

Live Betting:

SuperBook’s live betting section showcases active games, offering bettors real-time engagement with the events. While it lacks a live streaming feature, it compensates with live stats crucial for making informed in-game betting decisions. The platform provides a variety of alternative betting markets during live events, requiring quick action from bettors as lines and odds may change or be withdrawn rapidly.

Other Betting Features:

SuperBook offers several value-adding betting features:

  • Early Cashout: Allows bettors to settle bets before the game concludes, available on select pre-game wagers.
  • Same-Game Parlays: Combines multiple bets from the same event into one parlay, increasing potential winnings.
  • Odds Boosts: Improves odds on selected events, offering greater potential returns.


Customer Service

Contact Methods:

The team is available from 4:00 am PT to 11:00 pm PT every day, with New Jersey’s support ending at 8:00 pm PT.

A help center provides detailed information on common queries. For issues not covered there, contacting the support team is advisable.


SuperBook’s customer support functions well during working hours, addressing inquiries consistently. However, the lack of after-hours service can be problematic for urgent needs, with responses deferred to the next operational period.

The customer service experience, limited by the absence of 24/7 live chat, is considered subpar for those requiring immediate assistance outside working hours. Expanding live chat to 24/7 would significantly improve the support quality at SuperBook.

SuperBook Sportsbook Review 2023 | Picks for Tonight Security and Trust

Bet365 prioritizes efficient and secure document verification, typically completing reviews within 48 hours. The most expedient method for users to verify their documents is through the Verification section on the Bet365 website. For identity verification, users might be requested to provide photographic ID, such as a passport, ID card, or driving license, or a document confirming residential address, like a utility bill.

Verification Process:

At SuperBook Sportsbook, the verification process starts during sign-up, where part of your Social Security Number (SSN) is used for identity verification. If your identity cannot be verified automatically, SuperBook will request additional documents. These can be submitted via email to [email protected], through a support ticket on their website, or directly in the “My Profile” section after logging in.

Age Requirement:

SuperBook enforces a strict age requirement, allowing only individuals who are 21 years or older to register and place bets, aligning with legal age limits for gambling in the U.S.


SuperBook does not report personal taxes on behalf of users. Customers are responsible for accessing and downloading the necessary W-2 form from their account for tax reporting purposes. The location of this form within the account may vary by state, and SuperBook’s help center provides detailed guidance on how to access these tax documents.

Superbook Sportsbook Review FAQs

How do I verify my identity with SuperBook Sportsbook?

During registration, you must provide part of your SSN for identity verification. If SuperBook can’t verify your identity automatically, you will be asked to submit additional documents through email, a support ticket, or the “My Profile” section on their website.

What is the minimum age requirement to bet with SuperBook?

You must be at least 21 years old to register and place bets with SuperBook Sportsbook.

How can I access the W-2 form for tax reporting on SuperBook?

The W-2 form is available in your account. The exact location may vary by state, so check the help center on SuperBook’s website for specific instructions.

What are the operating hours for SuperBook’s customer service?

Customer service is available from 4:00 am PT to 11:00 pm PT daily. For New Jersey customers, the hours are from 4:00 am PT to 8:00 pm PT.

Where can I use SuperBook?

SuperBook is available in select U.S. states, including Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia. Availability can vary, so check SuperBook’s website or contact customer service for the most current information on where you can use their services.
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