Serie A Player Stats

When betting on Serie A, it’s necessary to monitor the injury and suspension list. When players in a starting XI are unavailable it can change the outlook of a match point spreads should reflect that. Be sure to check the latest and updated Serie A player stats. 

Understanding Serie A Player Stats

Italian Serie A player stats such as goals, assists and saves are the most commonly discussed but there are plenty more available. 

The Capocannoniere is given to the Serie A player who scores the most goals in a given season, like a Golden Boot award. When considering Serie A Golden Boot betting, it’s often helpful to understand which players take penalty kicks for their club teams. The Capocanniere race and its accompanying Serie A odds can be shifted by penalties. The best player in a particular Serie A season is named the Footballer of the Year.

The statistics available in game summaries are important but they don’t paint the full picture for soccer betting. Rather than judging strikers based solely on goals, it can be helpful to know if they score more than they’re expected to. That’s captured by the goals scored minus expected goals stat. Similarly for goalkeepers, goals allowed minus goals allowed may give a better insight into their performance. Of course, clean sheets and save percentage can also give some insight. 

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