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Hellas Verona Stats
Hellas Verona

General Information


Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi


Championships: 1985

Coppa Italia: N/A



Hellas Verona Stats & History

Founded by high school students in 1903, Hellas mostly played against teams in their region in the early years. Hellas merged with rivals Verona in 1919, hence the name Hellas Verona.

When Serie A and Serie B were created in 1929, Hellas Verona debuted in Serie B. It took them 28 years to reach Serie A for the first time but their stay was brief.

Under coach Nils Liedholm, the Gialloblu returned to Serie A in 1968 and mostly played in the top flight until 1990. One of the interesting Hellas Verona team stats from this time is that they denied AC Milan the Scudetto in 1973. In the final matchday of the season, underdogs Verona defeated Milan 5-3 to end their title hopes.

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Hellas Verona FC Team Records

Hellas Verona reached their first Coppa Italia final in 1976 but lost 4-0 in the final to Napoli. Under Osvaldo Bagnoli in 1983, Hellas once again reached the Coppa Italia final and finished fourth in Serie A. They made their first appearance in European Competition in the 1983-84 UEFA Cup.

Completely defying the Serie A odds, Hellas Verona won a shock Scudetto in 1984-85. It remains their only major trophy to this day. Some standout players topping the Verona team stats during that time were Hans-Peter Briegel, Preben Elkjaer, Pietro Fanna, Antonio Di Gennaro and Giuseppe Galderisi.

However, the team folded in 1991 and was reborn. During the 90s, Verona regularly moved between Serie A and Serie B. In the mid 2000s, the club were playing in the third tier but returned to Serie A in 2013.

Verona’s most recent spell in Serie A began in 2019 and they haven’t finished lower than 10th since. Serie A betting advice suggests Hellas Verona could be contenders for a European place in 2022-23.


Where does the “Hellas” in Hellas Verona come from?

A professor of classics requested that the high school students who founded the club call it Hellas. Hellas means Greece in Greek and was the original name of the club.

When did Hellas Verona win the Serie A?

Hellas Verona won their one and only Scudetto in the 1984-85 campaign.

Who was Hellas Verona’s leading scorer in the 2021-22 season?

With 17 goals, Giovanni Simeone led Hellas Verona in scoring in 2021-22. The son of Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone signed with Hellas on a permanent basis after the season.
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