Tennis Matchups

Tennis Matchups

Tennis matchups are necessary to study before heading to the online sportsbook. Something to pay attention to is the head-to-head record of the players. However, these stats are not everything, as the players improve and/or regress over time, and there are intangibles such as current physical condition and level of motivation to consider. 

Some other statistics to consider include the type of surface. Players don’t perform the same everywhere, as even elite players have their preferences. Greats like Rafael Nadal and Pete Sampras dominated on certain surfaces.

Find the stats and odds on tennis players from each of their past tournaments, as matchups in those settings are worth tracking as part of your research. 

The ATP (men’s) and WTA (women’s) tour seasons essentially run all year long. Over the season, players participate in different levels of tournaments, from the Grand Slams to the Masters 1000 and so forth. 

Players are rewarded a certain amount of points in each tournament, correlating with their performance. Also, the bigger the event, the more points at stake, with the four Slam events (Australian Open, French Open, United States Open and Wimbledon) leading the way.  

This is how seeding is determined for both ATP and WTA. Thus, a top-ranked player could fall down the standings due to injury or absence. 

Keep an eye on the standings as the season progresses, since the finals of the ATP and WTA feature the top eight seeds come November and December.

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