UFC Odds

Getting into the UFC Odds

When it comes to UFC odds, there are not any point spreads. Instead, there are a handful of betting options to choose from. 

If you want to bet on UFC, you will need to consider these options or simply pick whoever you imagine would win the fight. No matter which option you choose, make sure you have done the proper research. 

The types of bets you can make that are the most common are moneyline bets, parlays, over/under, method of victory, and props. Moneyline bets are simply a choice for whoever you think will win the fight.

Over/under bets are a wager on if the fight will last a certain length, usually over one, two, or three rounds. This fluctuates depending on the fighters competing. 

Method of victory is a prediction for how you think a fight will end. Fights can end by knockout, submission, decision, tie, or disqualification. 

Prop bets are considered a fun bet, as they do not typically have much to do with an outcome like a winner. For example, you could wager on which fight would receive Fight of the Night honors. 

Finally, parlays are the last but most common type of UFC bet. This bet is a combination of bets within one slip, no matter what the bets are. You win if all of your choices are correct, but if one pick misses, your entire ticket misses. 

How to read UFC Odds 

Moneyline odds are the first step to read a wager. The negative number is considered a favorite, while the positive number is the underdog. 

Getting used to these numbers will help tremendously in UFC betting. Once you know how to read these, then all other bets will make sense. 

UFC Betting example

Say Fighter A and Fighter B are competing below:

Fighter A: -140

Fighter B: +110

Fighter A is the favorite, with a $140 wager that could add $100 in your pocket if they win. Fighter B is the underdog, with a $100 wager returning back with $110 if they win. 

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