Esports Odds

Getting Into the Esports Odds

Esports has become a huge deal in the sports betting world, with the competitive video gaming industry gaining serious traction in the mainstream over the last decade. Although esports betting is not nearly as popular as sports betting, it can provide bettors with a new and exciting approach to gambling, and there are many advantages to learning how to bet on esports.

Compared to “traditional sports,” esports is very different, but, interestingly, you would approach betting on esports the same way as you would betting on sports. That is mainly because many principles you know about sports and odds also apply to esports and esports betting odds, and the same goes for bet types.

How to read Esports Betting Odds

Reading esports will come easy if you understand the basics of how betting odds work and which bet types are available for betting on basketball, football, hockey, or any other sport.

Like sports, esports also use the same core popular bet types in moneyline, handicaps (spreads), and totals. The only real difference you might find will come with proposition bets.

Esports Betting Example

Esports like “sports” include various games, which are not necessarily similar to one another. But even though esports games and matchups like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends are vastly different, you can approach betting on them the same way.

If you want to bet on esports, no matter which title you choose, all will include moneyline, point spread (handicaps), or totals as the most popular bet types. Yet there are a few differences in how handicaps and totals will be displayed.

In League of Legends, the most common spread bet is on the number of kills, whereas in CS:GO, the most common spread is on the number of rounds. Dota 2, as a game that is similar to LoL, will have similar betting markets available, whereas an esports game such as Age of Empires – which is not even remotely close to either of the mentioned three – will have an entirely different selection of bets available.

With so much variety, you can bet on esports in many different ways – depending on which esports title you choose. And even though there will be some unfamiliar terms, you can approach betting on esports the same way and with the same bets as you would sports.

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