NFL Matchups

For an NFL bettor, bookmarking pages with NFL matchups for this week, like this should be a part of your repertoire. The basic stats here indicate how well the opposing teams have fared in the season (moneyline and/or against the spread [ATS]), as well as in over/under (totals).

Throughout the season, from the preseason to playoffs to the Super Bowl, keep a close eye on the NFL odds, as this helps determine the side on which to wager.

Parlay these with team and player statistics to get a good read on how these teams rate against one another. Do not forget to research other non-statistical factors that could influence the game, including the weather, injuries, and any off-field news.

Bettors, sadly, are also still human, so these factors influence them, the market or their bets. If a team (New York Giants, as an example) is losing, and negative media stories are surrounding them, expect the bettors to turn against them. Thus, an underdog betting line should be the result. On the flip side, a popular team with an exciting quarterback (Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen, again as an example) can influence bettors into an overestimation.

Playing the odds and not the team is one way to stay ahead of the crowd.

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