NFL Standings

Keep an eye on the NFL standings 2022 all teams as the season progresses, but not just to keep tabs on the divisions or the playoff races. Also, it’s to gain a better insight into your NFL betting. Both the AFC and NFC standings are displayed alongside the points scored for and against each team. Included as well are current winning/losing streaks, home/away records, records in and out of division/conference and points for/against, too.

NFL Standings, Explained:

There’s no denying that standings play a big role in determining the odds, especially the Super Bowl outright odds. As the season progresses, standings also feature which teams clinch divisions or playoff spots.

Check the letters beside each team and the key below the standings to see which teams have qualified for/been eliminated from the NFL playoffs.

NFL Season, Explained:

Divide the NFL season into three portions, as in preseason, regular season and playoffs (which end at the Super Bowl). The preseason is three weeks in August (sometimes late July) where teams play three games that don’t count towards the record.

The preseason games are not the same, in that many players who aren’t necessarily regulars get significant time in hopes of making a roster. However, there are point spreads, just like the regular season and playoffs.

The regular season is composed of 17 games, from September to January. There are four winners from each of the conferences, plus the three next-best teams (wild cards), qualifying for the playoffs. That’s a total of 14 teams.

The NFL playoffs are a single-elimination tournament beginning with the wild-card games and culminating with the NFL’s championship game. That’s the Super Bowl. played at a predetermined site between the AFC and NFC conference champions.

It’s No Longer Played Only in America

Except for five international games (three in the United Kingdom, one in Germany, one in Mexico), all of the games are played within the United States. The Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints and Jacksonville Jaguars have “home” games in London, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Arizona Cardinals “host” in Munich and Mexico City, respectively.

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