MLB Scores

Understanding MLB Games

In the MLB, you can only score one run at a time, and that occurs when a player goes around all three bases -eventually touching home plate to register a run.

Baseball is played without a time clock to finish the game, but within nine innings. The away team hits in the first half of the inning, and the home team hits in the second half. Teams can only change the MLB live score while hitting half of the inning throughout the game.

How to Read MLB Scores?

MLB game scores can be simple to read, but complicated to figure out and understand what they mean in regards to betting. A team can put up three runs on just three hits, with each player hitting a home run out of the field on a play in fair territory, allowing them to run the bases all at once.

On the other hand, a team could slowly build up to three points by getting on base with walks -when a pitcher throws four balls- or getting base hits. A base hit can be a single (hitting the ball into play and going to first base safely,) or a double (hitting the ball and going to second base,) or a triple (hitting the ball and going to third base.) If someone is on base when a player hits the ball into play, it allows them to advance as many times as they want, going over one to three bases and all the way to homebase, if they can.

How to Use MLB Scores for Betting?

MLB scores can make betting complicated at times. This is because teams could have similar MLB scores standings, the average runs per game, but do it in very different ways. A team can average five runs per game, primarily on home runs from a few star players. Another one can average the same amount of runs but score in several different ways and with different players. Scoring in different ways can be more reliable on a game-to-game basis than relying on a few players every game to win, which is essential for bettors to know.

How to Read Betting Types?


Betting on an MLB moneyline is simply picking a winner or loser of a game who will score the most runs in a game. A sportsbook will select a favorite to win, and represent them by putting their odds at -200, plus the team they believe to lose placing their odds at around +200. A lot can go into picking a team from a starting pitcher and a lineup, as each will play a crucial role in who scores the most runs in a game.


Picking an MLB spread is less about how many runs a team will score but more about the difference of runs between each team. If the spread is set up at 1.5 runs, the favorite is represented as -1.5, and has to win by two runs, which could be a scoreline of 2-0. The underdogs, represented by +1.5, have to not lose by two runs, so if the score ends 3-2, you can win that bet if you bet on the underdog to cover the spread, since they lost by one run.


An over/under bet on the MLB is betting on the total number of runs that can happen in a game. Most teams score around three to six runs per game, setting many over/under lines between seven and 10 runs (these being the most common.) The most critical factor in this type of bet often is who is pitching in that game. If an elite pitcher is starting for both teams, the likelihood of a high-scoring game lowers. If one pitcher has been struggling, there might be more runs scored by one team that could go over the original over/under.

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