NFL Pro Bowl

The NFL Pro Bowl may get a bad rap once in a while, but it is still the only NFL game that brings the most star power into one stadium. Thus, NFL Pro Bowl odds remain a staple in most sportsbooks, even if there are talks of nixing this exhibition game.

Game Information

Venue: Camping World Stadium
Location: Orlando, Florida
Broadcast: ESPN, ABC, Disney XD

How to Read NFL Pro Bowl Odds

 The odds to win Pro Bowl can be read similarly to regular NFL game odds, via the moneyline (American odds). The negative number indicates how much you need to wager to win $100. It can also mean the favorite in a straight-up bet. The positive number shows how much you win on a $100 bet. It can also show the underdog on a straight-up wager. 


The over/under or total is what it sounds like: Bet on whether the total score of the game will go over or under the oddsmakers’ total. Add the teams’ final scores and that is the total of the game. To guarantee a winner, you will find totals usually have a ½ point attached. 


Betting on the MVP is one popular Pro Bowl future players‘ props bet associated with the game. This is like betting on the Super Bowl MVP. The biggest difference here is that there are two MVPs, one for offense (Offensive MVP) and one for defense (Defensive MVP). You can bet on either, or both. 


The Pro Bowl lineups will change often. Initially, players will be voted into rosters. These are usually the best and/or most popular players from each position. Star quarterbacks or star defenders are perfect examples; however, it is common for many of these players to avoid playing in the Pro Bowl, be it for personal reasons, injury or because they are going to the Super Bowl.

The players from the two teams heading to the Super Bowl will not play in this annual exhibition contest. Thus, Pro Bowl betting lines can be taken off the board frequently. It is best to bet on the Pro Bowl on the day of the game as the lineups should have fewer changes. 

Betting Example

Betting on the over/under is straightforward. Here is an example of a recent Pro Bowl total:

  • 36½ -115o
  • 36½ -105u

The game was played and the AFC routed the NFC 26-7 for a total of 33 (26+7). A bet on the under 36½ would have cashed. A $105 bet would have yielded a $100 profit. In this example, the odds are slightly different as the over is receiving more action. 

The game’s over/under can move depending on how much action one line is getting. Had more money kept coming in on the 36½, the line could have moved up to 37 points or even 37½ points. 

In this case, betting on the under was a “sharp” play, as bettors did not need to risk as much as over bettors did.     

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