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Hockey is one of the most demanding sports in the world, and the NHL is the highest level of competition for hockey players.

Each NHL game consists of three 20-minute long periods, with an intermission between each one. Scoring in the NHL is whenever a team hits the puck past the goalie and into the net during the 20 minutes of game time per period.

In NHL games, teams can earn points in different ways. A team can earn two points for winning a game, one point for losing in overtime or a shootout, and zero points for losing in regulation. These points determine the standings and playoff positions for each team throughout the season. 

To understand the NHL scoring system, it is also helpful to know some common hockey terms. For example, a "power play" occurs when one team has a player advantage due to a penalty on the other team, and a "penalty kill" is when a team successfully defends against a power play.

The NHL has two conferences, each containing two divisions. The playoff schedule is set according to conference standings, with the division leaders seeded in order in the conference standings. Total points determine the standings otherwise.

In the playoffs, the top-seeded team faces the second wildcard team, while the second-seeded team plays the first wildcard team. The other two hockey matchups involve the division leaders from the other half of the conference. The winners of each matchup advance to the next round, with the ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup, the most prestigious trophy in the NHL.

Hockey Scoring

In hockey, scoring points is done by scoring goals and making assists. When a player is able to get the puck past the goalie and across the goal line, they receive a point. Additionally, players can also receive points statistically by assisting others in scoring goals.

In order for a goal to be considered valid, the puck must completely cross the goal line and cannot stop on the goal line. Violations, such as the use of a hand to guide the puck into the goal or kicking the puck into the goal, are not allowed.

Overall, scoring in hockey is a straightforward process where the puck must enter the goal and pass the goal line to be considered a goal. Hockey players can also earn points by assisting their teammates in scoring goals.

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NHL Scores FAQs

How often are NHL scores updated during a game?

NHL scores are updated in real-time during a game, typically every time a goal is scored or penalty is called.

How are NHL scores calculated and recorded?

NHL scores are calculated by adding up the goals scored by each team during a game. They are recorded by official NHL scorekeepers and broadcasted to the league’s website and various media outlets.

Is there a way to view NHL scores for past seasons?

Yes, many websites and archives offer access to NHL scores from past seasons, including Point Spreads with the NHL matchup analysis for every game.
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