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The UEFA Europa League is the second-tier competition. Although the Champions League is the pinnacle of club football in Europe, the Europa League is also top-notch. With many teams competing to win the trophy, the action is never-ending, from the opening 64 teams to the game for the title. As a result, you can bet on multiple games with many goal spreads. Read to find out more about Europa League goal spreads.

If you are familiar with goal-spread betting, you will not have any issues understanding the Europa League market. It’s about leveling the playing field for the two teams. Since teams from different leagues square off, sometimes lower leagues oppose those from the top five leagues. In that case, the underdogs get a head start with the spread. So, if you think an underdog holds its own against a top dog here, bet that way. Even if they do lose but cover the spread, you win. 

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However, you need to understand that the Europa League can get more competitive the longer it progresses. Therefore, not many underdogs are left in the competition as the field is reduced to closely-matched teams. As a result, the spread can be pretty tricky, and you might want to understand more about the competition before wagering. 

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UEL Betting Explained

Europa League Betting Odds

The Europa League betting odds vary and are determined by many factors, depending on the sportsbooks you join. Although since most sports betting sites employ the same algorithm, it is pretty much close to each other. In that case, you might want to familiarize yourself with the odds.  

The odds are currently close, with Barcelona leading the pack as favorites to win with +275 odds. Leipzig follows them at +450 and Sevilla at +500. These odds look justified on paper, but the case is different when the teams are on the pitch.

How to Bet on Europa League

You should understand that the goal-spread line is almost always around +/-½  to +/-2. So, what you’re looking at is within that range most times. If you want to bet the underdog, you should be sure they can hold their own against a better level of competition. Also, remember that every series is two-legged. Having an idea of how the first leg went might give you a perspective on whether the current spread is crazy or reasonable. 

Many teams score and concede a lot of goals, making them susceptible to a strong attack, even though their offense is potent. Try to become familiar with how the teams are placed in each game. That way, you can easily avoid teams who might not regularly cover the spread.

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Tips, Tricks And Advice For UEL

Before you place goal-spread bets on Europa League games, here are some expert tips, tricks and pieces of advice. This way, you do not blindly place random bets which might lead to avoidable losses. So, if you want to improve your overall betting success rate for Europa League, you should check out these tips.

Understand The Competition

Knowing the competition helps with how you place your bets, and the first thing to note is that the games are played Thursdays, meaning some teams also have to play Sundays in their “other” leagues. This can affect performance, especially if travel is involved. You need to know about the weather conditions, turf and any player information for these games.

Focus On One or Two Teams

If you want to improve your betting skill, focus on just a few teams. That way, you can learn all the essential things needed, and thus make better predictions. You will know if any players are missing, which can change the team’s performance when they play their Europa League games.

Watch The Games

Take the time to watch the games in order to get familiar with the teams’ on-pitch performances. That way, you’re focused not only on numbers, but also how teams fare in the competition. Sometimes stats and other numbers don’t tell the entire story; and that’s where seeing the game yourself helps a lot. 

Place In-Play Bets

Many sportsbooks offer in-play betting, so in addition to your before-game wager, see how the game is going in the first few minutes and (perhaps) place another wager. Watch the game live. You won’t miss the action and maybe an additional bet that’s profitable. 

Avoid Accumulator Bets And Parlays

Placing accumulator bets can be very risky and not wise, if you want to manage your bankroll. Focus on single bets at first, and if you eventually have a massive bankroll, decide to try longshot bets if you’re feeling a bit lucky.

Track Your Bets

Make sure to keep track of your bets. That way, you know whether you’re spending beyond your capacity, or are on a losing streak. In this case, adjust the bankroll by minimizing your bets or stopping altogether. Before you start wagering again, have a budget and stick to it.

Don’t Chase Losses

Whenever you feel you’re on a losing streak, take a step back. You might just be on a bad run of form. Some periods can be filled with losing runs, while some have a high rate of success. When you find yourself losing more than usual, instead of trying to recoup, evaluate and find a better strategy.

UEL History

When the competition was created in 1971, it was initially called the UEFA Cup. It was a defunct Inter-Cities Fairs Cup replacement, a 3rd tier UEFA competition. But as the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup was discontinued, the UEFA Cup became the 2nd tier tournament. 

Not until 2004, there were no group stages, and the number of teams also grew from 11 up to 58. Additionally, the competition went through a rebranding season where it ended up as the UEFA Europa League with a complete format change. 

With the new changes, winners of the UEL gain direct qualification to the next season’s UCL competition. In addition, they get to play the winners of the Champions League in a single-leg match for the ultimate Super Cup trophy.

The first team to win the competition was Tottenham Hotspur; however, Sevilla is the most successful team in the UEL. The Europa League is competitive, and many teams from different nations have claimed victory, with Spanish teams leading in the race. 


Quality in the Europa League isn’t as high as that of the Champions League. However, the teams are fighting for a chance to get qualified for the next season’s UCL tournament. There are motivations for the teams, especially ones from the lower leagues. This and other factors play a role in how teams perform. Therefore, bettors should be conversant with effectiveness and other areas before wagering.

Europa League FAQS

What is the Europa League format?

The tournament starts with 58 teams put into different groups of four. Then, two from each group qualify for the next round, with eight teams joining from the UCL to make up the round of 32.

How many times does a team play?

Only the group stage is set, and each teams play six times. Then for the knockout, they each play twice until the final match.

Who are the favorites to win?

Barcelona, Sevilla, and Leipzig are the favorites to win the competition.

Who is the current best player in the UEL?

The teams are closely matched with talented players, and it is hard to say for sure who is the best player but based on pure eye-test Adama Traore of Barcelona and Rayan Cherki of Lyon are closely tied.

Can I place multiple bet on one team in a single matchup?

Some sports betting sites allow you to place multiple bets on one team in a single matchup with their multiples betting feature. Here, the bet amount is divided across each multiples bet you place.
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