FIFA World Cup Odds

If you want to bet on World Cup games, there are a few things that you need to familiarize yourself with. For a start, you need to know more about FIFA World Cup odds. If you are familiar with soccer odds, you can rest assured as there isn’t much difference. In this case, you can start to place your bets as you would on any soccer tournament.

2026 FIFA World Cup Odds

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Getting into the FIFA World Cup Odds

If you are new to the sport, you should know that odds are essential. World Cup odds are easy to understand. It’s all about separating the underdogs from the favorites. This is determined by several factors, including team performance, squad strength, head-to-head, and many more. The sportsbooks automatically set the odds based on these factors.

How to read World Cup Odds

Reading World Cup odds are straightforward. You don’t need an in-depth system to understand the odds. The odds are spread based on the chances of occurrence. So, the one more likely to hit the lower odds is considered the favorite. Meanwhile, the larger odds are for the underdogs.

There are different markets that you can consider betting on. However, you need to know that there are various options also place FIFA bets on, and they each have individual odds. So, you can only pick one of these options. And depending on the odds you decide to bet on, your payout varies. So, the higher the odds, the more money you will get.

World Cup Betting Example

You might be confused the first time you see a World Cup bet line. So, to ease you into it here is a typical example of world cup betting. For instance, the first thing you would notice is the two teams pitted against each other. In this case, we might have Germany take on Japan

World Cup Betting


Germany is the clear favorite, meaning they would have the minus (-) indicator close to their point spreads line based on the factors. Meanwhile, Japan will get the (+) sign as they are the underdogs. Let’s say the odds are -170 for Germany, +250 for Japan, and +320 for a bet on a draw. You can decide to bet on either option, depending on your prediction.

Be sure to check out the Qatar odds for every category. Don’t forget to stay updated with the World Cup standings for a perfect bet. 

World Cup Group Odds

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