Serie A Schedules

Serie A is the highest-level and most popular soccer league in Italy. Serie A contains 20 teams who play 38-games from August through May. Like the rest of Europe’s top-five leagues, it is popular to bet on Italian Serie A Schedule. The most common days for games are Saturdays and Sundays, but there are sporadic weekday matches throughout the season.


Understanding the Italian Serie A Schedule

Teams in Serie A play one another twice each season, home and away. Most commonly, point spreads are available in the week leading up to a match. There are also a few breaks throughout the season for international matches and a two-week hiatus from late December to early January.

The team at the top of the table at the end of the season is crowned champion without exception. There are no knockout stages or championship games in Serie A, those are instead reserved for teams in the separate Coppa Italia or in UEFA competitions.

While the Italian Serie A schedule mostly runs as normal, there are periodic changes depending on a few factors. Teams with midweek Coppa Italia, Champions League or Europa League matches may have their domestic matches pushed back to a later date.

Because the schedule is often packed tight with domestic cup competitions and UEFA ones, it’s important for managers to rotate their starting elevens throughout the season. Serie A odds will take a few factors into account. Head-to-head history, recent results, where the match is being played, player absences, and resting are all relevant.

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