If you’re looking to learn how to beat the books when betting on boxing, you’re at the right place. In this guide, we will cover everything there is to know about improving your boxing betting strategy, including how to bet, how to handicap the lines and other tips and tricks.

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Unlike other sports such as football, hockey, basketball, or tennis, where there are multiple betting markets available, even the most adventurous sportsbooks won’t offer many betting markets on a boxing match. However, there will be options for you to explore and find solid bets, if you know where to look.

Boxing Betting Odds & Examples


The most common and the most straightforward bet you can make on a boxing match is the simple moneyline wager. With it, you’re simply predicting which fighter wins the bout. It doesn’t matter how he does it or how long it takes. The only thing that matters is the final outcome.


The second-most common bet type in boxing is total rounds. As the name suggests, the total round is a wager used to predict how long the fight will last, or how many rounds there will be in a single bout.

In a 12-round title bout, the total round line will usually be set at 9½, allowing you to wager on whether the fight will end before or after the ninth round. Again, you’re not predicting who will win or how a fighter will win, only the total number of rounds.


Then, there are proposition bets, which offer a unique way to approach betting on boxing. Proposition bets focus on specific events in the fight.


Most common prop bets include a winning method, winning group of rounds, round betting, points betting and more. Also, subcategories can include spread bets on points.

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How to Bet on Boxing

Pugilism and prizefighting or boxing-however you want to call it-might not be popular as it was in the 20th century, but it continues to carry the tag as “The Sport of Kings,” and you can be sure it continues to have a large following of young and old. And while boxing continues to be a spectator sport, there is also a large, yet niche, group of people who bet on it.

Even though big fights nowadays happen only once and twice a year and there are not many fighters you could put in the same basket as boxing legends in Muhammad Ali, Jack Dempsey, and Floyd Mayweather, boxing still has its moments. And we’re not talking about YouTube stars fighting other YouTube personalities, basketball players or retired UFC fighters.

Many great fighters continue to compete in one of the oldest sports as they try to keep the legacy of the sport alive. There’s no shortage of betting opportunities throughout the year for those boxing bettors who know where to look.

Unfortunately, we are not able to tell you who to bet on, though we can introduce you to the beautiful world of betting on boxing, teaching you everything there is to know about what to look for when betting on this knockout sport.

Tips, Tricks And Advice For Betting On Boxing

If you want to turn a profit betting on boxing, there are a few essential steps to take into account in order to set yourself up for success. If you’re an experienced bettor, you should already be familiar with all these steps, but it never hurts to take a refresher.

Factor In Everything

If you want to succeed in betting on boxing, develop a betting strategy, which might sound more complex than it is. That’s because there aren’t as many factors to consider when picking a fighter you bet on in comparison to picking a football team, or team from any other sport, for that matter.

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There are only two participants in a fight, and assuming they’re of similar size and weight, you need to consider only a few factors when picking a winner. That includes their form, skill and style of boxing.

Note that mismatches are very common in boxing, especially on an undercard, where a rising prospect takes on an established fighter in a bid to make a name for him/herself. The boxing odds on the underdog will usually be very generous, since he is unknown in the boxing world. However, while betting on the outsider might be appealing, know that these outcomes very rarely happen.

Fighter’s Recent Form

When picking a winner, it’s extremely important to take into account the fighter’s recent form. Ask yourself whether the fighter you’re planning to wager on has recently suffered a defeat, fought to a draw or has beaten any opponents of note.

Furthermore, it’s common to see a fighter step into the ring after a long period of inactivity, so even though he (hypothetically) might be 10-0-0 but hasn’t fought in two years, you might want to take his past success with a grain of salt. Researching misleading records, see who did the fighter beat.

A boxer might have a perfect record, but if he/she only fought mediocre fighters and is now set to face an elite-level boxer, that past success might not properly translate to the next bout.

Styles Make Fights

A factor that’s often overlooked when bettors place their boxing wagers is the style of the fighters. It’s one of the most important things you need to check before selec\ting the fighter on whom to wager

There are different fighting styles in boxing. Some fare well against certain opponents, but struggle against others. For example, is a fighter a brawler or a tactician? Is he/she a southpaw or traditional boxer? Does he/she like to lay back or push the pace. These are questions you need to ask yourself before wagering.

This might be one of the more complex factors, but it’s arguably the most important. Remember that even if a fighter is less skilled than his/her opponent, they might have an edge solely due to style.

Boxing History

Boxing is a sport of combat where two fighters throw punches at each other in a boxing ring while wearing protective gear such as gloves and mouthguards. More broadly, the name “boxing” may mean any combat sport in which two opponents fight one another with their fists, which are usually covered by gloves and contested according to the regulations. 

While people have engaged in hand-to-hand fighting since the beginning of time, Sumerian carvings from the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC provide the oldest evidence of a sort of boxing. Boxing regulations may be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece. It was made an Olympic sport in 688 BC. 

Amateur boxing has its own World Championships and is an Olympic and Commonwealth Tournaments event. It is also a regular feature in most international games. A referee oversees boxing during a series of one-to-three-minute periods, or rounds.


If you want to turn a profit betting on boxing, there are a few essential steps to take into account in order to set yourself up for success. If you’re an experienced bettor, you should already be familiar with all these steps, but it never hurts to take a refresher.

Boxing Betting FAQ

Can you live bet on boxing?

Yes, you can live bet on boxing. Most of the time you cannot make a new live bet until the round is over, however.

How much money can you bet while betting on boxing?

You can make as much money as you want and it depends on how much you are betting. Just remember to make sure to not bet above your means.

Can you bet on boxing?

Yes, betting on boxing is legal as long as you are doing it legally and are of age.

What is round betting in boxing?

Round betting is a type of bet where you can make a bet on who will win a specific round of a boxing match or even the result of the round.

Can you bet on yourself in boxing?

Yes, boxers can bet on their own matches but much bet on themselves to win. They cannot bet on themselves to lose a match.
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