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NCAAF College Bowl Season

The 2022 college football regular season is over. College Bowl games are starting. Our college bowl matchups page lists all the games plus odds analysis.

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NCAAF Scores & Matchups

The college sports scene is always exciting from a betting perspective because it can be strewn with landmines. Underdogs may feast (or famine) on any given day, so studying NCAAF scores and matchups is a good idea for finding any edges out there, 

It isn’t a long season, usually 13 regular-season games, and an additional one (or two) when bowl season arrives. The two best NCAAF teams face one another in a game for the title. Either way, all games have their own point spreads and moneylines. 

Stunners may be more frequent earlier in the season for a lot of reasons, but mainly because there isn’t that much evidence as to how well (or poorly) teams will perform. On paper, “experts” can poetically wax about the composition of some teams, but it’s only until we see them on the field, consistently, that it ceases to be just a waste of breath. 

College football playoffs have also yielded surprises. Teams may play differently, the more that’s at stake. Also, the postseason pits the best against each other. That’s quite different than in the regular season, where a team such as Alabama runs over mismatched rivals.

Get very familiar with the NCAAF standings, since they can be a good reference as to why some college football odds are what they are. If you notice a discrepancy, then perhaps that’s an opportunity. 

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