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Our Commitment to Your Privacy

At Sportslytics LLC and our affiliates, including pointspreads.com, your privacy is our top priority. This document outlines how we handle the personal information you share through our websites and services. It covers what data we collect, how we use it, and who we might share it with. If you’re interacting with us—purchasing our services, subscribing to a newsletter, or engaging with us at events—this policy applies to you.

By using our site or sharing your personal details with us, you agree to our privacy practices as described here. If you do not agree with this Policy or its terms, please exit our Site and do not provide Personal Information to us.

What We Collect and How

“Personal Information” means anything that could identify you personally, like your name, email, home address, phone number, or credit card details. While you can browse our site without giving away your personal details, we might collect some information about your visit or when you engage with us directly.

Here’s what we may ask for:

  • Your full name, job title, and company details
  • Your contact information, including your address, email, and phone number
  • Your job interests and professional background for job applications
  • Any other info that could help us contact or identify you online, like usernames, passwords, and credit card details for account-related activities
  • We also gather info automatically when you visit our site, using technologies like cookies, web beacons, and IP address tracking to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.

Automatic Data Collection During Site Usage

When you navigate and interact with our website, we and our external service providers may deploy various technologies to gather information automatically. This encompasses, but is not limited to:

User Interaction Data: This includes the origin of your page request (like your IP address, the type of device you’re using, and your domain name), the time and date you accessed a page, any referring websites, and any additional details embedded in URLs (such as search queries). This data is compiled in log files without linking it to individual users.

Geographical Data: We process primary data related to the geographic position of the device you use to visit our website, deduced from your IP address, to understand our users’ general location.

Cookies and Web Navigation Details: Cookies are small data tokens sent to your browser by our website to be stored on your device, remaining there until you delete them. These cookies serve multiple functions: they can gather data to tailor content to your interests, enhancing future visits. Cookies are also used for authentication purposes when you join our online groups, simplifying form submissions and providing access to specific site sections. Although you can browse our site without accepting cookies, certain areas require cookies for full functionality. 

IP Address Monitoring and Log Files: An IP address is a unique number assigned to your device, used for identification each time you connect to the internet. We monitor IP addresses to address technical issues, ensure our site’s security, and for activities like combining them with personal data for fraud protection.

Using Your Information

We collect your personal details mainly to offer you a smooth, efficient experience with our services. This could mean improving our site based on user activity, providing customer support, or tailoring content and ads to your interests. Here are some specific scenarios where we might use your information:

  • To fulfill requests for products, services, or information
  • To help you participate in promotions, contests, or giveaways, which we offer from time to time
  • To support our products or services used by you
  • When you sign up for an account or participate in our online communities
  • If you connect third-party accounts to our services for the use of integrated data 
  • For marketing, to let you know about services you might like
  • We request that you review the questions or comments you submitted to us.

Sharing Your Data

We might share your information within our company group or with service providers who help us run the site, but we’re careful to limit their use of your data to the services they’re providing us. Sometimes, we share your info with business partners or for legal reasons; we’ll always be transparent about this.

Our website may share your information in several contexts:

Within Our Group: Information gathered may be shared among Sportslytics LLC’s affiliated entities.

Service Providers: Selected companies may access your information to carry out services on our behalf, ranging from mail processing to customer support and data analysis. Confidentiality agreements bind these providers; they can’t use your information for unrelated purposes.

Business Partners: Sportslytics LLC and the partner may access shared information for co-branded services offered with other companies.

Marketing Purposes: We may share information with partners for promotional purposes and to offer you relevant products from Sportslytics LLC.

During Business Changes: Your personal information might be disclosed if our business undergoes a significant change, like a sale, a merger, or bankruptcy proceedings.

For Legal Reasons: We may disclose information to comply with legal requirements or protect our rights.

Online Advertising: We collaborate with third parties for interest-based advertising using cookies and similar technologies. You can opt out through specific websites provided for US and EU users.

With Your Consent: With your agreement, we might share profile information or your activity with other users or the public.

Analytics and Tracking: We use third-party services for site analytics -which you can opt out of- and do not currently respond to Do Not Track signals.

User Disclosures: Information you share publicly or with third parties on our site may be used by those third parties, which is beyond our control.

Third-Party Services: We do not endorse third-party products or services available on our site, and their privacy policies will govern any information you provide to them.

Linked Third-Party Accounts: If you connect third-party accounts to our service, we may collect related data, which becomes integrated into our site and is subject to our privacy practices.

Your Choices and Control

You have control over your personal information with us. You can opt out of marketing communications and update your preferences anytime. Plus, we’re all about security, doing our best to protect the data you entrust to us.

International Data Handling

Sportslytics LLC operates primarily from the United States. When you use our Site from outside the U.S., your data is transferred and processed in a country with different privacy laws from yours. By using our Site, you agree to this international data transfer and processing.

Privacy Rights in California

California residents have specific rights under state law regarding their personal data, namely:

Information Request: You can ask for details about how we’ve handled your personal data over the past year, including what we’ve collected and shared and the purposes for doing so.

Access and Deletion: You have the right to access our data and ask us to delete it.

Non-Discrimination: Exercising your privacy rights won’t lead to discrimination against you.

Financial Incentives: We’ll inform you of any financial incentives tied to your data (if any).

Requests for data deletion or disclosure of data shared with third parties for direct marketing can be made annually. If you wish to exercise these rights, contact us at [email protected]. Verification of your identity is required, and you may appoint an authorized agent to act on your behalf, provided we receive a signed authorization from you.

Personal Information Collection and Usage

What We Collect: We gather diverse types of personal information, including identifiers (like names and emails), commercial and financial details (transaction history and credit card numbers), online behaviors (browsing and usage data), location (city/state from IP or precise location with consent), employment and professional data, audio/visual content, demographics (such as gender), and other identifiable information.

Purpose of Collection: This information aids in our operational activities, fraud detection, content customization, service provision, service improvement, and direct marketing purposes. We strive to enhance user experience to comply with legal requirements, and we may anonymize or aggregate data to prevent individual identification.

Disclosure for Business Purposes: We may share your data, including identifiers, commercial, financial, online activity, geolocation, and demographic information, for operational, legal, or marketing reasons.

Opting Out of Data Sale: Californians can opt out of having their data “sold” (sharing information for targeted ads). You can exercise this right via the contact options we have provided.

Nevada Privacy Rights: Nevada residents can opt out of the sale of personal information. We comply with such requests promptly upon verification of identity.

This Personal Information Collection and Usage summary provides an overview of our practices regarding the collection, use, and sharing of personal information, ensuring transparency and control over your data.

Updating Your Information

Email Newsletters: If your email address changes, simply unsubscribe using the old email address and resubscribe using the new one.

Specialized Site Areas: Instructions for updating your details will be provided when registering for specific site sections.

General Updates: You can always update your information by contacting us at [email protected].

Protecting Your Information

We adhere to industry standards to safeguard your data against unauthorized access. While we strive to use accurate and up-to-date information to process requests, online data transmission can only be partially secure. Thus, any data you transmit is at your own risk, and we cannot ensure or warrant its security.

Keep account passwords confidential and log out from shared computers to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

Our site may link to third-party sites that we do not control and have their own privacy practices. We encourage you to review their policies. Our privacy policy applies solely to data collected by our site, and we are not responsible for other sites’ content or privacy practices. Be cautious about sharing information on social media platforms linked to our site, as it may be publicly viewable.

Privacy Policy Updates

Our Privacy Policy, part of our Terms of Use, may be updated occasionally in line with legal requirements. Significant changes will be announced on our website. Any modifications become effective as indicated in the announcement or, once updated on our site, for minor changes. Your continued site use after updates signifies your acceptance of these changes. We recommend regularly reviewing our Privacy Policy for any updates. Remember, this policy might change as we grow and evolve. 

Questions or Updates?

If you have any questions or need to update your information, just drop us a line at [email protected]. We’re here to help.

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