Point Spreads FAQs

What Is PointSpreads.com?

PointSpreads.com is the hub for every betting-spread lover. Our goal is to provide in-depth analysis on betting spreads across various sports, making life easier for sports bettors.

Is PointSpreads.com a Sportsbook?

No, PointSpreads.com is a virtual magazine that talks about spreads, picks, and games. We do not take or process any kind of betting action, and we do not promote any illegal gambling activities.

Is PointSpreads.com Free?

Yes, our goal is to provide you with top-notch information on every relevant spread in the world at no cost to you!

So I Do Not Need a Membership to Join?

No; to consume content on PointSpreads.com, all you need to do is have a working internet connection and you will be all set!

Does Pointspreads.com Use Cookies?

Yes, we do use cookies, but it’s strictly for marketing purposes. Your information will never be shared unless there is a legal procedure that requires information from our database.

Do You Guarantee Wins on PointSpreads.com?

It’s no secret that sports betting is hard. With this being said, we also work hard to give you the best picks possible. However, there is never a guarantee in sports betting, and anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you. Honesty is our policy.

What Is the Best Way to Win in Sports Betting?

The best way to win in sports betting is by being duly prepared. The more information you can get before placing your wagers, the better. This is what PointSpreads.com helps you do through our content.

What Sports Are Discussed on PointSpreads.com?

At PointSpreads.com, we focus on major sports like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. However, you will be able to find betting content across a variety of sports on our site.
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