NBA Injuries

NBA Injuries

Welcome to the NBA, where many of the teams’ injuries are a dime a dozen. Familiarize yourself with this page as it lists the updated NBA injuries by the team, which will have a big impact on the games on which you are betting.

How to Read NBA Injuries 

Not all injuries are the same. These tables differentiate between the different injuries. The NBA team injury reports show the injury, the latest update (status) and more notes on the injury. You’ll want to pay extra attention to injury status as it shows whether or not the player will be available for their next game.

How Does an Injury Impact my Betting? 

Injuries affect NBA games quite significantly, depending on the player(s) affected. You can expect the NBA moneylines and point spreads to change based on the injury reports. If a superstar like Joel Embiid or Giannis Antetokounmpo is injured, their respective teams will likely “lose” points on the betting odds. Additionally, totals (over/under) can also gain or lose points based on the missing players.

Be sure to check on the injury reports before wagering on any games up to the final minute. Injuries to keep track of are the ones listed as “questionable” as these designations typically mean the chances of playing are almost 50/50.

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