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Serie A

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Serie A is one of the top soccer leagues in Europe, the best in Italy. As a result, it is popular among fans and bettors. 

Consider different betting options when you want to bet on Serie A, including the goal-spread market. If you want to learn about Serie A goal-spread betting, continue reading this guide.

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Serie A Betting Explained

Goal spreads are a way sportsbooks look to level the playing field between two teams. Betting sites look at the gap in form, class and squad strengths before setting the spread. 

Once the spread is set, bettors wager on either side of the spread, hoping they win money as with any other wager. 

In Serie A, goal-spread betting is the same as in other soccer leagues. The most consistent and better-performing teams from previous seasons/games are favored and get a negative spread. 

The lesser-performing ones, as underdogs, get a spread that’s positive. In this case, looking at the table, you can almost always predict who gets the goal taken off (the favorite) at the end of the match. 

However, there’s a chance a particular team might be having a bad run of form, taking them to a lower position. Thus, that position might not be reflected in the goal-spread setting process.

Serie A Betting Odds & Examples

The spread in Serie A betting is meant to serve as a handicap, leveling the playing field between any two teams that face off in a Serie A match. There is a favorite and underdog in this betting market, which have their scores adjusted based on the perceived gap between each side. The favorite has their score decreased when a bettor selects them, or the underdog increases their score if a bettor backs that side.

Bettors will notice a correlation between the spread and moneyline markets in each Serie A match. The bigger the favorite on the moneyline, the bigger the spread will be in that match. Conversely, tighter matches on the moneyline will see smaller spread figures.


In Serie A, spread bets are available to bet on, as this market allows bettors to wager on each match with a handicap applied to the side they take. Favorites have the spread amount deducted from their score in the spread market, while underdogs have the spread amount added to their score. This is meant to level the playing field in each match to make even the most lopsided matches as interesting as possible.

Spreads Betting Example

Juventus FC+3
Inter Milan-3


Moneyline bets allow bettors to wager on which team they think will win a match in Serie A play. There are three options to choose from in the moneyline betting market, as bettors can choose either team to win or for a match to end in a draw. In this market, bettors have to risk more on favorites to win their desired profit amount, while underdogs and draws tend to come at plus money figures.

Moneyline Betting Example

Juventus FC+180
Inter Milan-150


Over/under bets focus on the amount of scoring in Serie A matches rather than which side wins each match. In the over/under market, sportsbooks post a number of goals for each match, and it is up to bettors to decide whether the combined score of each team will be over or under that amount. This market is ideal for bettors who know each team’s style when playing soccer.

Over/Under Betting Example

Juventus FC-1.5 O/U 7
Inter Milan+1.5


Futures bets do not focus on just one match but instead focus on an outcome pertaining to the entire Serie A season. Bettors can bet on futures regarding which club will win the title, which teams will finish in the top four, and even which teams will be relegated at some sportsbooks.


Prop bets also do not focus on match outcomes but instead focus on intricate details of each match. Bettors can wager on props pertaining to which players score goals in each match, how many corners take place, how many cards come out, and many other markets that have to do with individual matches without concerning the outcome.

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How to Bet on Serie A

In Serie A, teams like Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, Lazio, Atalanta and Roma have always been top rated in the league.

These teams have dominated the league, and as a result, they are frequently favored in their games. So, they get the negative spread, which means they have to win by a certain amount of goals to cover and for any bet on them to cash.

Aside from when the top teams face mid- and lower-table teams, other factors that come into play when determining spreads for a Serie A match include team news, Serie A players injuries and other things that can affect a team’s performance.

If a team does lose its star to a red card from a previous match, it comes into play, especially if there’s no replacement of that level.

There’s a match between Lazio and Spezia on the schedule, and Ciro Immobile is unavailable, affecting the goal spread for the match. Immobile is currently the leading scorer in Serie A. Being unavailable, therefore, means Lazio’s threat is reduced greatly.

Tips, Tricks And Advice For Serie A Betting

Before you place Serie A goal-spread wagers, a few things that you should know, especially if you’re new to this wagering. Once you learn them, then easily place more-informed bets for each game. 

Below are some tips, tricks, and advice highlighted for you.

Understand The League

You need to understand the league before you wager, knowing the top performers, rivalries and other information. 

Games between rivals are always hard to figure and hard to bet, even when there’s a gulf of talent between the sides. You need to know these things, so as not to blindly bet. 

Observe Trends, News And Stats

Another tip is to observe trends, news and stats. Check records of the Serie A teams against one another, including how they’ve fared in past meetings. 

In addition, try to provide context to trends, especially against their current opponent. Check the head-to-head in terms of goals scored, seeing if the average margin covers the spread.  

Avoid Closely-Tied Matches

There will be game weeks where teams with the same level of form, strength and performance oppose one another. When this happens, we recommend not wagering.

The simple reason is it’s tricky to predict the result of these games, especially closely-tied city rivals such Lazio-Roma and Inter-Milan.

Look For “Easy” Games

We can’t conclude 100 percent that a game would be breezy for a particular team, even if they are clear favorites. However, there is usually a level of certainty that a particular team would win in eight out of 10 matches when they play a specific opponent. 

You can always place goal-spread bets on this type of game to increase your payout.

Hedge Your Bets

If you’re unsure about a particular wager, you can always find a way to add some support, or a hedge. This will reduce the risk of losing your entire bet, even if your prediction goes south. Hedge your bet by placing an opposite wager. 

For instance, in a match between Cagliari and Spezia, you place a goal-spread bet in favor of Caligari, then hedge by doing the opposite and wagering on Spezia. 

Don’t Chase Losses

Luck isn’t always on your side. In such cases, we advise you to take time to rework your strategy. Try later instead of hoping your next bet will win. 

Chasing losses would only leave you with more losses, because rather than making informed bets, you place desperate bets.

Serie A History

Serie A is one of the oldest and most high-profile soccer leagues in the world. Founded in 1898, this league is the top club soccer league in Italy, one of Earth’s great soccer nations. As a result, the quality of play is consistently high in this league, as players from Italy and abroad make up the 20 Italian teams that comprise the Italian top-flight.

Among the top teams in the history of Serie A competition are Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan. All three of those clubs have won trophies as the champions of Serie A and the class of the UEFA Champions League. They are regularly among the league leaders in Serie A to this day, as the rest of the league aims to keep up with these iconic clubs.


Serie A is an exciting league, and although some teams have cemented their places in the top spots, new ones can come into the limelight. Consider a look at the rosters each season before starting to wager. 

Also, make sure to check each team and its top performers as the season progresses to help during your process of prediction. 

Remember that gambling is primarily based on luck, and, while strategies can help you improve your predictions, they don’t guarantee a win. So, only wager what you can afford to lose, period.

Serie A FAQS

Is Serie A Betting Legal?

Serie A betting is legal in many states in America, though the legal status of Serie A betting varies from state to state based on their individual laws.

Where can I bet on Serie A?

Bettors are able to wager on Serie A at different sportsbooks depending on which state they are in. These vary based on the sports betting laws in the state in which a bettor resides.

Who Is the Best Team in Serie A?

The best team in Serie A can vary from season to season, depending on which players move around in the transfer market. Right now, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, and Napoli are among the class of the league.

When Is the Serie A Season?

The Serie A season typically runs from August or September to May.

What Is the Key to Winning Serie A Bets?

The key to winning Serie A bets is doing the necessary research and developing the familiarity needed to confidently bet on each team when the situation calls for it.
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