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MLS is the United States’ domestic soccer league, which is to say it does not quite have the quality of European leagues. As a result, this league is less predictable, as even the best teams in MLS are vulnerable to losses without some of the stars that exist in other leagues.

In MLS betting, there are many different types of bets that can be made. Bettors can wager on everything from moneyline bets, where the goal is to predict who will win, to intricate props related to player performances. Spread betting is also an option in MLS, where bettors can predict which team will win when a handicap is applied to the score of whichever side a bettor takes.

While MLS does not have the same level of quality as leagues like the Premier League and Champions League, it benefits from being popular in the United States. With American fans flocking to their local MLS teams, sportsbooks have made it a priority to offer MLS betting odds so that American bettors are able to get in on the action around the league.


MLS Betting Explained

MLS Betting Odds & Examples


The odds for MLS matches work similarly to other soccer leagues and other sports in general. In each betting market, there are two or more choices, which each have their own individual odds that begin with a plus or minus sign. Odds that start with a plus sign signify the amount that a bettor would win if they put $100 on that selection, while odds that begin with a minus sign show the amount a bettor would need to risk to win $100.


In MLS spread betting, the odds on each side are typically in the neighborhood of -110 on each side, meaning that a bettor would need to risk $110 to win $100. Those odds can vary slightly at each sportsbook, depending on the amount of betting that has taken place on each side. For that reason, it is smart for bettors to check the odds for each wager they want to make at multiple sportsbooks to get the best prices that they can.

How to bet on MLS

To bet on MLS, bettors simply need to go to the soccer betting section of their preferred sportsbook and select MLS from the list of leagues. From there, they can choose which matches they want to get involved with and the amount they want to put on each matchup. But there is more to betting on MLS than simply knowing how to place a bet on the league.

Tips, Tricks And Advice For Bundesliga

Those looking to have success betting on MLS will not want to miss the following tips for betting on Major League Soccer. These tips will help bettors avoid some of the most common mistakes in MLS betting and help them to make more educated betting decisions in the future.

Get To Know Each Team

Understanding how each team plays in MLS is often just as important as looking at the statistics for each side. Identifying strengths and weaknesses is something that can be done with stats, but seeing those strengths and weaknesses on the field by watching the matches is valuable in its own right. Sports betting is part art and part science, and watching the games to help with handicapping is a part of that process.

Check out the updated MLS Standings for this season

Form Your Own Opinions

There are many people out there willing to give bettors their opinions about MLS. From sports media personalities to content creators specific to the sports gambling space, bettors have no shortage of places to get opinions on how each match will play out in the betting markets. Instead of relying solely on those people, bettors should use their own analysis to determine which bets are best for each match day.

Use Smart Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is the most important part of sports betting, as bettors can make sure that they remain as profitable as possible by simply managing their money efficiently. Making sure to bet the same amount on each match and not chasing after losses by betting more following a loss is key to making sure that bettors do as well as possible with their bets without blowing their bankroll.

MLS History

MLS has been around in the United States since 1996, starting with ten clubs but ballooning to nearly 30 over the last two decades. This league has served as the starting point for many American players who have starred overseas. It has also served as a landing spot for some of the most talented players in the history of the game internationally, making MLS always worth keeping an eye on.


In MLS spread betting, bettors can choose which side they think will win a match after applying the spread to the side they bet on. The favorite has goals taken off of their score at the end of the match, or the underdog has goals added to their score after the final whistle blows. Either way, the goal for bettors is to choose the side that has the high score after that handicap is applied.


Is MLS betting legal?

MLS betting is legal in much of the United States, as sports betting has been legalized in many states throughout the country. Only states that have legalized sports gambling offer legal MLS betting action.

Is it better to bet favorites or underdogs?

There is no set answer to whether it is better to back favorites or underdogs. Each match should be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine what the best bets are.

Where can I bet on MLS?

Many sportsbooks offer MLS betting action, though the sportsbooks available to each bettor depend on which bookmakers are permitted to operate in each state.

Is it better to bet on spreads or moneylines?

The answer to this question depends on the match, as some matches are better for spreads and some for moneylines. The odds for each side in both markets can determine which market is better to utilize.

Which teams are best to bet on in MLS?

Every team has the chance to be a good bet throughout the course of the MLS season. Things like injuries and scheduling can determine who the best bets are in each week of the MLS campaign.
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